Wooden Balance Bike Plans Free

Balance bike is a great toy even though we see it as a bike for kids. We usually go to the market or order online to buy a balance bike for our kids. But we can also create this at our home. Generally, the balance bikes that are found in the market are made of metal or aluminum. But when you want to create something on your own you have to depend on the wood.

If you can craft the wood to give a decent shape then it’s great. But If you can’t or you don’t have enough resources to craft it, then just stick to the simple design. But keep in mind, the shape of every part has to be perfect. Also keep in mind the size of the balance bike will depend on the age of your kid.

wooden balance bike plans free

You should read this age to start a balance bike to get a clear view of the size of the balance bike according to the age of kids. So, let’s start making a DIY balance bike for you kid.

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Collect the Parts of the Bike

The parts of a balance bike are the frame, handlebar, fork, steepest and wheels. You have to buy the wheels and screws from the bicycle store. Apart from this, you can make other parts from the wood. If you have a handheld saw and a hand-held bench wood planer then you can start making it.

Make the Frame First

To make the frame take two pieces of straight wood and cut them into the same size. Don’t cut the frame longer than 36 inches. The width of the frame should not be too wide. Because If you make the bike with a thick frame then it will be heavier for your kid. So, keep it between half to 1 inch wide. Now get a drill machine to make some holes in the frame to use the rods and bolts. Make a whole on the back-wheel attachment side. The whole width should be according to the width of the rod or skewer. 

Then make three holes in a row from up to down on both of the frames. These holes are for attaching the saddle. So, keep the hole in the middle of the frame. The reason for drilling three holes is to adjust the saddle height according to the height of your kids. Then again make two holes on the front side of the frame to attach the frame to the headset.  

Prepare the Front Side

You should keep only two pieces of wood to make the front part. Some people add more pieces or make a box as a top tube of the DIY wooden balance bike. But to make it simple just take two pieces of wood 2 feet long and 1 inch wide.

Make a 2-inch hole on the top of both forks to attach the handlebar through the holes. Then again drill the wood in four places like a box shape. In between these holes put two pieces of the wood bar and attach them with the fork using bolts. The size of the bar will depend on the size of the hub and skewer rod. After making the top tube make a hole on each of the wood where the wheels will be attached.

Make a Seat Post

You can either make a permanent seat post or can make an adjustable seat post. To make a permanent seat post just put the seat post between the frames of the bike and attach this with frames. The seat post will be at the place where you have already drilled to set the saddle.

If you want to create an adjustable seat post then make three holes in a row according to the size of the bolt.

Assemble the Bike

Take an 8 inches rod and put it in the middle of the bars of the top tube box. Now attach the frame using a bolt and give it a V shape. Now put the frames in the top tube box of the front part of the bike. Now take a small piece of wood bar and attach it keeping two inches gap from the V shape angle. Then take the skewer and attach the front wheel and rear wheel with the frame and fork.

After attaching the wheels attach the saddle with a seat post and screw it with the middle part of the frame. Keep the height of the seat post according to the height of your kid. Then take a 2 feet metal roller through holes you made to put the handlebar.

This is how you can make a simple wooden balance bike for your lovely toddler. Take the right size wheel for the bike. Because the size of the bike depends on the size of the wheel.

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