Will Any Magnet Work as a Treadmill Key

Treadmill users can do exercises like running or walking at home without going out. It really is very convenient for our busy lives. Despite all these advantages, one common problem a treadmill user faces is losing the key to the treadmill.

 However, many users claim that they can solve the problem using a magnet. We will discuss in this article how to use a treadmill safety key with a magnet.

will any magnet work as a treadmill key
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Will Any Magnet Work as a Treadmill Key

The most crucial element of your treadmill is the treadmill key. The treadmill key is a powerful magnet that attracts a metal strip. This procedure allows power to be sent to the motor. It can be a problem if someone loses their treadmill key.

However, if you have misplaced your treadmill key, a magnet can help. Magnet is the easiest solution. Just pick a magnet that will easily fit over the keyhole then it will work. If the treadmill still does not work, find another one. 

Why TreadMIll Key

The key serves the reason for safety at the treadmill. On every occasion the runner slips or goes out of balance, the cord pulls the magnet away. The key separates from the slot and the circuit breaks, causing the machine to prevent immediate and stopping injuries. The important thing itself permits the treadmill to function and is on one end of the twine, the opposite end of which is attached to the user. Removal of the important thing indicates that there may additionally be a coincidence and triggers the treadmill’s safety feature that stops the belt from shifting similarly.

It is pretty clear that the safety key is the small savior which saves users from embarrassing conditions. 

How To Make  Magnetic Treadmill Key At Home

To be honest you can make a DIY magnetic treadmill key. It is a very easy process. If you lost your treadmill key, make a magnetic key by yourself at home.

Necessary Items To make A Magnetic Key

You only need their items they are: 

  • Magnet;
  • Sticky tape;
  • Id cardholder. 


You may purchase a magnet on Amazon. Even within your own home, a magnet might be found on the refrigerator door or within your drawer. It’s simple to remove. First, keep in mind the magnet is perfectly aligned with the treadmill lock. Now Secure the magnet to the cord well with the clip with adhesive tape. It’s possible to utilize an id holder with a string. 

That’s it, you’ve created a safety magnet key copy. Go ahead and put it to the test. The treadmill will switch on when you place the key in the slot/notch. Start running by pressing the start button.

If your little magnet isn’t working, try a larger one. Because the large magnet is stronger than the tiny one, the greater the force that causes electricity to flow in the circuit and allows the machine to work. 

Just in case your treadmill’s magnetic key slips into a narrow slot, you’ll need to buy a replacement key. Most of the important things are your safety to take the best diction for it. 

Universal Treadmill Key Replacement

It is very common to lose the key to the treadmill. If you want, you can make the key of the treadmill yourself with the help of a magnet. And if you want, you can buy the key to another treadmill. Apart from the market, various online shopping now offers treadmill jobs. Universal treadmill keys have become very popular at the present time. It allows you to buy a treadmill key and use it on many treadmills, hence the name Universal Treadmill Key.

There are many popular universal treadmill keys in the market, but the names of the two best quality treadmills are mentioned here so that you can easily buy them from amazon.com. 

EEEkit Treadmill Universal key.

You can pick the EEEKit Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key. Because it’s now one of the best keys.

Without any issue, you can use this treadmill key. It will be set on all NordicTrack, Proform, Image, Weslo, Reebok, Epic, Gold’s Gym, Freemotion, and Healthrider Treadmills. It comes with a strong clip and strong magnetic power. The quality of this product is good and the price is also reasonable. At this time most of the gyms use this key. 

GWY Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety 


It works quickly and easily on most treadmills that enable a round treadmill safety key. This also easily hooks to almost any portion of one‟s clothing and even has a strong grip. If your budget is low then you can buy a GWY universal safety key for your treadmill. Manufacturers claim that this safety key can work with 99% treadmills so without the hassle you can buy this. 


What Happens When I Remove Magnet Key While The Treadmill Is Running?

In case you put off the magnet key even as the treadmill is functioning, the treadmill will stop operating straight away. This happens because the power to the treadmill reduces off as soon as the magnet is eliminated. If again you want to start the treadmill, simply touch the magnet again on the marked location at the treadmill.

Treadmill magnets are attached to clips that you could connect to your blouse. While you are walking and if you accidentally get off, or if you get dis-balanced, the treadmill machine will prevent routinely whilst the magnet is removed.

Is A Treadmill Safety Key Just A Magnet?

The treadmill ley is a magnet key. It works for the safety of the user; it allows electricity to flow to the motor. It is a magnetic key that attracts with thread। 

Can You Start A Treadmill Without The Key?

Some treadmills can work without the key. Many treadmills are programmed to work with a safety key. Installing a jumper bypass just at the switch allows you to operate a treadmill without a key. But, the majority of users do not advise using treadmills without the necessary safety measures.


There are many users who are using treadmills without safety, but it is not safe at all. Without any worry, you can use a magnet as your treadmill safety key. We have tried to highlight all the necessary issues in this article. Hope all the information will help you a lot. Don’t forget that your health safety is very important. You can easily make a magnet key for your treadmill.

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