Why Is My Treadmill Making a Knocking Noise

When I bought a treadmill eight years ago, I had no idea about the treadmill. A few days later, I noticed some uncomfortable sound coming from my treadmill that I was so worried about I still didn’t know what to say. What should I do? One of my friends visited my home and he helped me a lot. Through him I came to know that this word is known as Knocking Noise.

 I know there are many like me now who don’t know anything about the word treadmill usage. I’m writing today’s article thinking about them. Here I have discussed various issues related to treadmill knocking noise because you can find out by showing what should be done. So, what are you waiting for, let’s start the article

why is my treadmill making a knocking noise

Treadmill Knocking Noise 

Knocking noise on the treadmill is a common problem. Different reasons are behind this issue. Most common reason for knocking noise is belt tracking adjustment. Roller banging can be caused by incorrect belt tracking. A banging noise could suggest a faulty roller, but it’s more likely that the belt is exerting too much stress on the roller from side to side. The knocking sounds will be significantly slower than the roller rotation in this instance. The load on the belt guides is reduced, and the front and rear rollers are parallel, thanks to proper tracking. 

Motor problems and dust can also be a reason behind knocking noise of your treadmill. The sound produced by treadmills ranges from 42 to 57 dB. This sound can be tolerated by the user but if it is raised then it could be unforgettable. 

This problem is really much more annoying but don’t worry, there are solutions to all the problems. Keep reading our article and stay informed.

Solutions Of Treadmill Knocking Noise

 Belt Noise 

Belt sound of noise is a common problem of a treadmill. If you face this check the adjustment. Even dust can be a reason for these factors. So first clean your treadmill belt properly. Don’t forget to use a good quality   treadmill lubricant. Different types of lubrication are used to find out the best one.

Now it is time to check the tension of your treadmill running belt. Reinforce the running belt tension fasteners near the roller if the friction appears to be loosening.

Misaligned Components Noise

Not surprisingly, many times there can be noise from components. Just in case you face tapping noise, double-check that all nuts and bolts are tight.This is because it is often seen that the screw spellings are not fitted properly which makes a strange sound coming from the treadmill.

 If you find one that is loose, just tighten it up.  It can often be seen that the treadmill screw is not working properly or is lost. Don’t worry now it is very easy to find out. It can be available even on amazon. Just buy and set noise will be gone.

Bearing Noise

Squeaking noises are caused by bearings. If you know how to fix other electrical and non-electronic household items.

When you open the front cover, the bearings are visible. Apply lubricant then this problem will be gone. 

Motor Noise

It is often seen that the sound is also coming from the motor of the treadmill but it is very rare. The motor is the treadmill’s primary power source. Fans and motor bearings, on the other hand, can be damaged and generate noise if they come into touch with water or moisture.

If the sound is coming from the treadmill motor, seek the advice of an expert to find a solution. Motor is the one of the most important parts of a treadmill. If you are not an expert, your taking steps can be a reason to damage your treadmill.

Noise From Treadmill Pad

In many cases trains are not a problem, but when you are walking or running on a treadmill there is a noise. The problem is the treadmill pad.

The running belt or roller belt may need to be replaced if the problem persists. Belts can lose tension after a lengthy period of use. Now these are very easily available so change it very quickly, it is not a problem

Treadmill Maintenance

If you maintain the treadmill properly, you will be protected from this unusual sound, but I am not saying that you will never hear it if you maintain it properly. But if you do maintenance, you can use the treadmill for a long time without any problem and also you will be free from noise. 

Check the treadmill twice a month to see if it is correct or if there are any problems.

Make sure the screws on your treadmill are fitted the right way. Tighten all the nuts and bolts after each use. Because if nuts are loose, noise will be created by them. You may hear an annoying rattling noise if these go loose. Properly check the tension of your tread belt and clean off your treadmill after each use. 

Check the condition of other parts including the treadmill belt and motor. If something goes wrong, fix it quickly. Eigher it can damage your treadmill.

The treadmill is a very sensitive machine so you need to make sure that it does not accumulate dust in any way. Keep your treadmill clean after daily use and in a place where there will be no dust. You can cover the treadmill after use to keep it away from dust and dirt.


Can My Downstairs Neighbor Hear My Treadmill?

Treadmill is a heavy tool that vibrates and rolls when it works. When you use it you will hear a level of noise but that can be tolareye. But your downstairs neighbor will never hear it. There’s almost no way they won’t hear you work out.

Is It Possible to Fix the Noise of a Treadmill?

No worries, it is possible to fix the noise of your treadmill. Just find out the main reason behind noise and take necessary steps. If the screw is not locked properly, fix them. If the motor chere noise, hire an expert. Many other ways are also available to rid you of noise.


We tried to highlight not only the cause of the treadmill noise, but also how to fix it so that you can easily fix it. You can solve a problem only if you know it well and that is why we have highlighted other issues besides treadmill noise problems.

We hope you have benefited from our article and if you have any problems with your treadmill noise, you will find an easy solution now. You can contact us to know more about any future issues. Thank you for staying with us. We will always try to deal with your problems.

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