Why Do People Use Hiking Poles

Outdoor activities like hiking and trekking require the necessary gears that make the hiking and trekking easier. A hiking pole is one of the essential gear that hikers or trekkers use on their trip.

Basically, hikers use the hiking poles when they hike in tough hiking trails where they need an assistant to walk forward. These types of trails include mountainous trails, rocky trails, and hiking trails where hikers need more endurance to finish the trail.

why do people use hiking poles

Some people say you don’t need to use the hiking poles because hiking is much easier than trekking and mountain climbing. But you should know why you have to use hiking poles in different circumstances. Here is the answer that will make you clear why the hiking poles are necessary if you want to go hiking.

7 Reasons That’s Why People Use Hiking Poles

1. Use Hiking Poles for Give You Support

As we know all hiking trails are not made easy. Normally when we hike on rocky trails or upland trails we get exhausted so early. Especially people who are new to hiking and old people who can’t walk after finishing half of the way. So, in such a situation, they will need hiking poles to get support.

Generally in hiking, old aged people get tired so fast. And they can’t move their knees without any support. So, for old aged people, it is always recommended to use the hiking poles to finish the trail.

2. Hiking Poles for Improve Balance

It is so difficult to maintain the balance of our body when we walk in an upland way for a long time. It is not easy to keep the balance on our legs only. Thus, using the hiking poles will help us to keep the balance easily.

3. Increase the Walking Speed

When we plan on day hiking only we have to keep in mind that we have to return before the sunset. But when we hike on a tough trail we can’t walk at our average walking speed. If we use hiking poles it will help us to walk fast. Whether we walk on upland or flatland, walking with the hiking poles and perfect boots helps us to walk in a rhythm.

4. keep You Safe

When we hike or trek on the rocky mountain we often face small canals or rivers. To cross the river or canal we use the stone. But these stones are too slippery to walk on. Here we can use hiking poles to avoid falling from the rock way. This type of slipping accident can even cause death or serious injury.

Another benefit of using hiking poles is that when we hike to climb the mountain. It is very difficult to walk on gravel because we fail to keep the traction on the ground. In such a case if traction fails we need extra support from falling. Here we can use a hiking pole to stop the falling by grabbing the ground.

5. Can be Used As a Defender

It’s normal for hikers and trekkers to meet with wild dogs and other animals. To defend these types of dangerous animals you can use your hiking poles without harming them much. Some people think a knife can work in such circumstances but a knife is too small to defend a wolf or dog. What if you miss the chance to use the knife for defending the animals and they come near you? That’s why a hiking pole is the best defender to defend these types of animals from a distance.

6. Helps on Upper Body Workout

Some people go hiking or trekking to reduce their body fat. Generally, when we walk or run we only workout on our lower body. Hiking also does the same. But if we use hiking poles we can use our hands that help in our upper body workout. Thus, hiking poles has the extra benefit of reducing more fat.

Hikers who hike for the long distance normally use two hiking poles That help them to work out their both hands.

7. Use of Poles for Camping

Some hikers go hiking for the purpose of camping also. If they bring hiking poles with them they can use it to make the camping tent. They don’t need to use extra poles to tie the tent rope.

Now we can understand why hiking poles are so important for a hiker. Whether you hike for short distance or long distance don’t forget to take hiking poles with you.

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