What are Impact Socket Made of

In the daily life of a mechanic, they have to open and fix the nuts of various machines. Especially the car mechanics, they have to deal with opening and fixing tires and other parts of the car. To get this work done they use the socket sets.

There are mainly two types of socket sets; these are chrome socket/ non impact and impact socket. Chrome sockets are designed mainly to work with the hand tool. But, you can use an impact socket with an impact gun.

What are impact socket made of

If you want to buy a socket set for your car then you should depend on the impact gun. If you have an impact gun then you should buy an impact socket. But If you don’t then choose the non-impact socket. I will describe the reason below. Now, let’s talk about what impact sockets are made of.

Materials Used to Make Impact Socket

To make the socket, manufacturers used the most common steels. These are like chrome vanadium, chrome molybdenum, and stainless steel. Both of the impact sockets and non-impact sockets are made of these materials. But the impact socket has used the carbon materials to wrap up the alloy materials. This carbonized surface of the impact sockets makes it harder than non-impact sockets.

Non-impact sockets use only the core materials which are softer. That’s why creating force or making extra torque using an impact gun breaks the non-impact socket. And the nuts are not easily openable by the combination of non-impact socket and gun.

The hard materials of the impact socket make it more durable than other sockets. That’s why impact sockets are more expensive than other types of sockets. If you don’t want to use the socket for your profession then you should not buy the impact socket. Because impact sockets are highly recommended for professional use. However, you can use it if you want to.

Which One is Better Impact Or Non-impact

Of course, an impact socket is better than non-impact but the uses of and your needs will tell you which one is best for you. As I said if you have an impact gun or want to buy both impact guns then you can use an impact socket set. But if you need the socket set only to open your car’s tire in an emergency then you should choose the non-impact socket.

To use the non-impact socket, you will need the hand tool. Which are affordable and not too expensive like an impact gun/ wrench. To use the impact gun, you will need the electric source. It can be either direct electric power or rechargeable battery. If you run a mechanical shop and want to buy an impact gun then choose the regular impact gun. Because you have to work with an impact gun the whole day. And it’s not possible to recharge the Gun in the middle of the work.

Impact socket also has a problem carrying in the car. When the car tire is running flat, you will need to open the tire. But to open the tire using an impact gun you will need an energy source in case the gun is not rechargeable one. So here you will face a big problem fixing the tire. So, you should use the non-impact socket with hand tools for convenience.

Choosing an Impact Socket Set

All impact sockets don’t give their best performance. Because the performance of the sockets depends on the feature. So, while choosing an impact socket set, decide which type of socket you need: 12 points or 6 points socket set. More angles of 12 points socket will allow you to get the advantage of rounding the bolt that has more than 6 angles. But the less contraction with the angles of the socket point will not work properly for 6 angles bolts.

Another thing to decide while choosing an impact socket is the socket type. You can either choose the deep socket or shallow socket. But it depends on the type of bolt. If the socket doesn’t reach the bolt angle then you have to use the deep socket.

The drive size of the socket is also an important factor while choosing impact sockets. You don’t need to think about this much. Because if you buy a whole set of sockets the two types of drive size ¼ and ½ will be in your socket set.

So, this is all information that I got for you to choose the right socket set for your work. It will be a wise decision to choose the impact socket set because you will get a lifetime warranty on it.

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