7 Ways to Keep Sleeping Bag From Getting Damp

Life is a beautiful gift for humans. Day to day life makes us monotones then we decide to go on vacation to different places. Travelling is one of the best medicines for a boring life. Travel gives us a big opportunity to fill every single moment. To enjoy your tour, you need different equipment. A sleeping bag is one of them. It is very important equipment for a good sleep when you go camping or hiking.

But a wet or damp sleeping bag is a big problem for good sleep. You can not take a sweet nap with a wet sleeping bag. There are different reasons for getting damp sleeping bags. In this article, I am describing some ways to keep your sleeping bag from getting damp. All are very easy ways so you can follow them easily. Trust me it will help you a lot. I am also giving some ideas to maintain a sleeping bag and you also learn about how to wash a sleeping bag. 

ways to keep sleeping bag from getting damp

7 Ways to Keep Sleeping Bag From Getting Damp

If you are very upset about a wet sleeping bag then just follow this way. Hope that you will get rid of this issue. Here are 7 ways to keep a sleeping bag from getting damp. All are easy ways just follow them. 

1. Liner Sleeping Bag

It’s a good idea to liner your sleeping bag before storing it. Sometimes in the hiking time you need to store a wet sling bag. If you use a liner it will help your sleeping bag from the moisture.  Easily you can use your trash comportment bag as a liner inside your sleeping bag. When sleeping bags wet outside the liner will help you to stay dry.  

2. Back Cover or Rain Coat

When you are going to enjoy your trip, always cover your sleeping bag at the storage time. When you store your sleeping bag or pad, use a back cover or raincoat so that you can save it from the morning dew or rainwater.

Because in the winter season morning dew can easily wet your sleeping paw. On the other hand, rain plays a big role in a wet sleeping bag. Back cover or raincoat protects the sleeping bag from weather issues. 

3. Do Not Wipe Down

Do you know how to understand your water replacement is working? When water drops stay in the upper layer of your bag it is the using theta water replacement that works. So at this moment do not wipe down the water drop because when you wipe it water inserts the protective barrier layer and it can be a cause of wetting your sleeping bag. So try to avoid wipe down. 

4. Ventilation Process

You have to be inside the tent when you go on a campaign or hike and it is very important to have a proper ventilation process inside the tent. Its temperature becomes unbearable due to a lack of adequate ventilation inside. 

Due to the lack of adequate airflow, you will be sweating on campus during the summer and this will make your sleeping bag moisture. Lack of ventilation also affects the winter season. It’s a good idea to open up your tent Window all the time. If there is no window, there is nothing to worry about just opening the main door of the tent.

5. Every Morning  Hang Your Sleeping Bag

It is often seen that the sleeping bag gets wet in the dew in the morning so there is nothing to worry about this. There are even times when your body gets sweaty when you sleep at night which makes your sleeping bag wet.

If you go for a walk in a hot area or if you see good weather in the morning, you can hang your sleeping person in the morning with a rope so that it dries out and the moist feeling disappears. 

6. Dry Your Tent

Many people make mistakes. And that is that they store the tent without drying it well. When they send the tent, the sleeping bag connects with the tent and gets wet easily, So never start a wet tent. Before storing, dry it properly.

7. Store Sleeping Bag at the Car

If you have a car and take your car to the camp or hiking area then it is better to store your sleeping bag inside the car. So that if you don’t have a raincoat cover for the bag it can be dry all day. This is an easy way to keep the bag dry. 

Cleaning Steps Sleeping Bag Without Using Washing Machine

If you love to Travel then you must have a sleeping bag. Day-to-day use of a sleeping bag needs to be cleaned. But you need not wash your sleeping bag after every tour. Try to clean your bag at least twice a year if you travel frequently. But many people do not have an idea of how to clean or wash their sleeping bags. Now I am sharing this with you.  

  1. Take a big bowl or bathtub full of normal water. Add cleaning product and mix with the water.
  2. Now wrap your sleeping bag inside the bathtub or bucket where cleaning products are already provided.
  3. Soak your sleeping bag in water containing cleaning products for 1 hour. By doing this, the dirt will be gradually removed from the bag.
  4. Rub the dirt area with soap. This will slowly remove the excess dirt.
  5. After removing the excess dirt, now soak it in clean water. And get out of it and take out the excess water. Keep doing this several times. Continue this process as long as soapy water continues to drip from the sleeping bag.
  6. When you see clean water coming out of the bag, there is no need to push the water out and immerse it in clean water. Take out the excess water well.
  7. Once cleaned, the tent should Bag

well dried. If you clean your sleeping bag in the summer, you can easily dry it in the sun

How to Maintain Sleeping Bag

Do you know how to maintain your sleeping bag? Ok now describe the maintenance tips for sleeping bags. If you don’t have an idea about this you have to buy a new sleeping bag before every trip. But when you know the maintenance way then you can use a bag for a long time. 

  1. Storage when your sleeping bag is dry. Never store it when it is wet.
  2. When you are at home, store your sleeping bag in a proper place. Never store in a damp area. 
  3. Wash your sleeping bag when it is dirty or stinky. You can dry wash if you want.
  4. You can use a cover bag for your sleeping bag so that it can keep clean.  
  5. If you find any linkage on your sleeping bag, repair it before use.


So what do you think about the ideas? Do you think that these 7 ways to keep your sleeping bag from getting damp will work? All the ways described by myself all work very well. Hope that now you can enjoy a good sleep with your dry sleeping bag. All the best for your next trip. You can share your personal travel experience with us. 

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