Treadmill vs Cycling: Which One is Better

In today’s world, people use many different exercise machines to improve fitness or lose weight or many more purposes. Among all the machines, the treadmill and stationary cycle are the most popular and most commonly used.

Worried to choose treadmills or cycling? This article will help you to choose the right one. Know more about treadmill vs cycling, which one is better for you.

treadmill vs cycling

Though both machines are used for mostly the same purpose and buying and installing an exercise machine is not so cheap, sometimes we have to choose one among the two machines. So this article is for those who are confused about which one suits them and serves them best.

So we will be going to discuss the detailed uses and the pros and cons of the treadmill and the stationary cycle so that it will be helpful for those who can’t make a decision about buying one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Treadmill and Stationary Cycle

When you have to compare the two exercise machines, you need to know about the benefits and negative effects of using them first. Now it will be discussed below in detail:



A treadmill can help us to maintain a healthy life by increasing heart strength, losing weight, burning extra body fat, decreasing insulin resistance and so on. When exercising on a treadmill, it will put less stress on your body than running or walking. There is a very useful feature that can be found in all treadmills is a continuous heart rate and blood pressure monitoring system. This feature will clearly indicate how much exercise you should take and when to stop.

Benefits of Running on a Treadmill Daily

Another advantage of a treadmill is the ease of using it even for a senior person. The flat and predictable surface will remove the anxiety of accident or injury while exercising. So, this can be very suitable for senior walking.

Nowadays overweight is a matter of great concern for people of all ages. The treadmill can lose weight very fast. Statistics show that walking for only 20 minutes at 10 km/h can burn 229 calories.

The biggest advantage is that you can adjust the walking speed according to your ability. So, this device is too suitable for a senior person. As they are not physically and mentally too strong, they can walk slowly and without any anxiety of falling or any other accidents.


If you want to buy a well-featured treadmill, it will be quite expensive. This machine takes more space to store. You need a professional for the maintenance of a treadmill. These are some disadvantages of using a treadmill. But the main disadvantage is that you can use a treadmill for only two types of exercise- walking and running. 

So sometimes it may be too monotonous. Lack of air resistance, lack of specialization, less front slope and limited running space are some of the other disadvantages of using a treadmill.

Stationary Cycle


Using a stationary cycle will increase your immune system, control your weight, strengthen your muscles, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure and so on. The lightweight and flexibility of the device is another reason for choosing a stationary bike for indoor exercise. people can fold it and store it easily.  The brand-new features of the modern stationary bike are heart rate monitoring system, additional cooling fan, etc.


You can burn 200-300 calories within half an hour by using a stationary bike.

Cycling can strengthen the muscles that support our leg, thigh and body backside. Regular cycling can make the blood pumping process of the heart more efficient. It can also strengthen our lungs and increase our body’s capability of utilizing oxygen.


When you choose indoor cycling, you can never enjoy the refreshing outside weather. It will give you a monotonous feeling. The weight removal rate by cycling is less compared with treadmill exercise. Cycling is a helpful workout strategy for only the lower portion of our body like thigh, legs, etc but not much effective for the upper body portion.

Treadmill vs Cycling

Now we have to discuss the overall comparison between cycling and treadmill.

First of all, it is true that a treadmill can provide a full-body workout but cycling is better only for toning legs. A treadmill can burn more fat within a very short time than a stationary cycle. 

A treadmill is used for running and walking which uses a large number of body muscles including both the upper and lower portion of our body. So using a treadmill regularly is a very suitable way for a senior person to stay active physically. By controlling the running velocity, a senior person can make it slower or faster according to their capability and can maintain regular fitness.


Though the treadmill and stationary cycle both are much popular and most commonly used, you have to choose one for your regular exercise according to your needs. If you are suffering from lower back pain then a stationary cycle should be your choice. But if you need the overall body workout, you should choose a treadmill. Regular exercise with a treadmill can also provide the senior person with mobility. They can also keep boosting their metabolic rate. So exercise regularly with the most suitable machine for you regularly and stay healthy.

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