5 Reasons to Put a Tarp Over Your Tent

If you plan a camping trip in the rainy season, then make sure to keep a tarp on your backpacking list. It will save your tent from the rain. Also, keep dry your tent, ground, and all your gears.

A tarp is the most helpful item on your trip. It is also easy to pack. You can use a tarp in various ways. But here you will get the reasons to put a tarp over your tent. Depending on your needs, you can hang it up in several ways.

There is no real reason you don’t like to consider using a tarp over your tent. It will help you by adding extra isolation against the wind. To know about it briefly, kindly read the below.

reasons to put a tarp over your tent

Why Do You Need to Put a Tarp Over Your Tent?

During your camping session, you want to keep your camping place dry and protect your tent from rain and wind, and then a tarp is a perfect item. So, get the reason why you should put a tarp over your tent. 

Stay Your Tent Dry From Rain

All campers know that the weather will change at any time. So, please don’t depend on it. If you go on a camping trip, then you should be well prepared. If you want to keep dry from rain, then you must put a tarp over your tent.

If your ground is wet, then you will feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should put on a tarp to avoid this situation. A tarp will keep you and your tent dry from the rain.

Protect from Harmful UV Rays 

The UV rays in full form are ultraviolet. It is one kind of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. During the summer camping, your tent will be so hot. Then you will feel uncomfortable. And the direct sunlight will damage your tent slowly.

If you want to save your tent, then a tarp is the solution. When it comes to UV protection, you have to choose dark colors. A dark color can better absorb the UV light to a bright color.

Keep Your All Gear Safe

If you want the tent used for longer, then using a tarp over your tent is the better option. It will save your tent and all your gear. On rainy days camping, keeping dry is more important.

If you don’t use a tarp, your tent will get wet. It is useful gear for rainy season camping trips. It will save you, your tent, and all your gear from rain. 

Give your Tent Wind Protection

On the high wind days camping lees ideal but by a tarp, you can protect your tent. So, you can block the wind. You also can block the wind from the kitchen area and your campfire at night.

Cover Your Tent for Extra Waterproofing

Every tent doesn’t come with a waterproof rain fly feature. Generally, campers know that a rain fly doesn’t stay forever. That’s why you need extra protection. So the effective option is to put a tarp over your tent.

It not only covers your tent but also can cover up all your equipment. Also, keep dry and save from the inclement weather.

How Do You Hang a Tarp Over Your Tent?

If you are a newbie to using a trap then you should follow below. You may set up a tarp in several ways. It is so much easier to hang. There are a few specific ways to hang a tarp.  

  • You should choose a larger tarp to perfectly cover up your tent. That’s for you to suspend it over your tent.
  • Try to string on the trees to suspend your tarp. It will help you with the water running down to the ground.
  • Maximum tarps have grommets metal on the sides of the tarp. It will allow you to tie the tarp and paracord to a tree.
  • Make sure that you hang it slightly slanting at an angle far away from your tent.
  • The most important thing is when you want to purchase a tarp you should consider a few things. Ensure it is lightweight enough. It would be cheaper than your tent. 

There are many sizes, and shapes available in the market. You should choose the right one. Because it allows you to gain fresh air and its design makes you feel closer to nature. 

What Is an Ideal Size Tarp for Camping?

There are various sizes you will find in the market. All those come with modern materials and smart colors. They are very lightweight so that you can easily carry them with your backpack.

When you will purchase a tarp to cover your tent,  its size is the most important part for consideration. What size tarp you will choose, completely depends on your tent size and dimensions. 

Generally, a tarp size is large enough to cover the tent and extra feet of space for surrounding it. For example- if your tent size is 7 feet by 4 feet then you should choose a 14 feet by 8 feet or larger tarp. 

Final Thought

A good tarp is one of the essential kits that you should take on your camping trip.  It will easily protect you and your tent from rain, wind, sun heat, and so on. A tarp will keep you dry and make camping more comfortable.

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