7 Tips for Planning a Camping Trip With Friends

Camping is always a wonderful feeling but when you go with your friends it can be more enjoyable. Do you love to enjoy your campaign with your friends?  Or you are planning a first-time campaign with your friend circle.

Taking friends to camp can be a wonderful time that is not possible at other times. Campaigning is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend time with nature. 

Do you know how to plan a camping trip? Ok if your answer is no don’t worry. In this article, we describe some tips for planning a camping trip with friends. We share some easy and mandatory tips with you so that you can lead a camping trip with your circle of friends.  

planning a camping trip with friends

Planning a Camping Trip With Friends

Before going on a camping trip make good planning that will help you to enjoy your trips. This idea will make you a camping leader in your friend zone. Let’s discuss this factor and create a plan for camping. 

1. Decide the Type of Campaign

When you are going camping with friends, decide what kind of camping you want. Different categories camping you and your friend to enjoy. The only factor is the budget. You can go for luxuries camping in the luxuries camping area or you can book mid or low-range natural parks.

Many like to go out of the country camping with friends and many like to go to different places in their own country, so first decide what type you are. The choice is yours so when you prepare planning for the camp with your friends first decide what kind of camping you want to enjoy. 

2. Know Rules and Guideline About the Campsite

Do you know that most of the camping places have some restrictions?  So after deciding the place why are you going camping, know the rules and regulations about the area. follow all the guidelines and rules and give instructions to all of your friends who are going with you. 

Suppose you have a pet at home and you want to take it to the camp, but first see if it is allowed where you are going to camp. This is because, in many places, it is not allowed to take pet animals during camping. Not only that, there are many campaign places where you can’t drink alcohol.

Before you go anywhere, find out the rules and regulations of that place and prepare everyone to follow these rules. Never cross the rules line on the place because sometimes these situations create troubles. 

3. Checklist for Necessary Equipment

You need different equipment when you are going on a camping trip with your friends. It’s a good idea to make a checklist of necessary equipment. It will help you to understand what you need and what is not needed for your camping.

When you are planning for a camping trip make a checklist of necessary items. This is the most important part of camping planning. ensure that you pack everything that you need including a toothbrush, toothpaste, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking equipment, tent, cooling equipment, back-up battery charger, etc. double check your checklist before going on the trip. 

4. Meal Plans

What’s your favorite food?   The reason for asking this question is that I will now talk about the food plan for camping. A lot of times when people go on a campaign they run into a problem which is that it takes a lot of time to decide what to eat.

The easiest way to get out of this predicament is to create a food plan or meal plan before camping. This plant will include what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This plant will include what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. So if you are planning to go camping with your friend, make a meal plan. 

5. Print Camping Area Map for Everyone

It is important to know beforehand where you are going camping or what your other friends know about the environment. In most cases, it is seen that wherever camping goes, everyone goes first. So a map of where you are going can give you a clear idea about the area.

I know that at present everyone has a map on their phone where you can get a detailed idea about the location of the area. As technology advances, it is always a good idea to use our brains in some cases without relying on technology. To print a map of the area where you are going camping and give it to your campaign friends.

Many times our phone is not charged or it is seen that the phone network is not working, Then that print map will help you to solve various problems to know about that area. 

6. Know-How to Set a Tent

When you go on you have to stay in a tent or you can stay under the open sky. But it is better to stay in a tent. So before going to the camping site, know how to set up the tent. It will help you in camp time. So when preparing a plan for camping make sure that your friends and you know the setup process of the tent. 

7. Concern for the Weather

Weather is one of the very important matters at camping time. When you are camping, be concerned about the weather. If you are going camping during the rainy season then take extra care of the rain.

Take a rain shield and other necessary items with your team. Or if you are going in the summertime then make sure you take the necessary items so you can make the tent cool. Or suppose you are going cold, take an extra hot item, choose a four-season tent. 

Necessary Equipment for Camping with Friend

Do you know what equipment is needed when you are going on a camping trip with your friends? Ok, now I am going to share about this factor. Here are some necessary items listed.  

  • Tent ( Pick right tent with concern about the weather )
  • Sleeping bags
  • Medicine Kit
  • Portable charger Light or lamp ( Extra Batteries)  
  • Portable Charger fan or cooler
  • Camp chairs
  • Camp table 
  • Camp Stove
  • Dutch Oven
  • Cutlery set 
  • Cooking Equipment, etc.

Easy Meals While Camping With Friends 

If you are still with me then I am now sharing with you some food ideas that will be perfect for camping. I prefer easy and healthy food on camping because you want to be healthy and don’t want to spend all day cooking. Let’s start an easy food plan. 

  • Chicken and vegetable
  • Sandwich with chicken
  • Boil vegetable
  • Egg
  • Chicken Fry
  • Grill item
  • Nachos
  • Popcorn
  • Shrimp
  • Sausage sandwich
  • Pasta
  • Grilled Fish
  • Fish Fry
  • Steam rice with curry
  • Barger with different ingredients, etc.

All described foods are easy to cook and delicious. Not only are they easy, they are very healthy for your body. 

What Should Not Try on Camping With Friends

I hope now you have a clear idea about how to plan a camping trip with friends. You know all about all the necessary items that are needed for a camping trip. But now I am going to share with you some avoiding matters that should not be tried on the camp time. 

  • Never stay alone in the forest, always stay with people and friends.
  • Never leave meals or food uncovered. Always cover food items so it maintains hygiene. 
  • Never take drugs and alcohol when you enjoy camping. It can be harmful to you and your friends. 
  • Always eat at your limit, never eat too much at camp time. 
  • You are going to enjoy a trip but do not use much energy, take rest and proper sleep then enjoy. 
  • If you go to a forest or natural park, never a hard animal.


Are you still reading this article? Thanks for being with me. Hope that now you can make plans for a camping trip with friends and follow all the description topics. Wish you and your friends all the best. You can share your camping trip experience with us. 

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