How to Use Knee Scooter

People with leg disabilities use crutches to move from one place to another place. But crutches are not a good walker for many reasons. Some of them are slower moving speed, trouble in walking, and stability.

On the other hand, a knee scooter is far better to walk without facing these problems. But If we don’t know how to use a knee scooter It might be more dangerous than crutches. Because a scooter is like a tricycle. But the difference is you have to keep your knee on it. That’s why you have to know the proper balancing of the knee scooter.

how to use knee scooter

As tricycle cycle has brakes, knee scooter has also the same. So, you have to know how to operate it safely. Some other things that also important to operate a knee scooter are.

Adjust the Height

The most important thing to use a knee scooter is the height adjustment of the kneepad and handlebar. If you adjust the pad and handlebar in the wrong height it can even destroy your knee. Adjust the knee pad and handlebar in a height so you can stand straight without bending your lower back.

To adjust these, keep the knee of your injured leg on the pad, hold the handle bar and stand straight. Call someone to adjust the pad height for you. Watch the video to know how to assemble and adjust the knee scooter here.

Positions of the Knee

After adjusting the knee rest the position of the knee plays a vital role in safe scooting. Normally people keep their knees on the knee pad. But if someone has a problem in the knee joint they should not position their knee directly on the knee pad.

Because Putting pressure on the knee joint for a long time will increase their knee joint pain. If you have this problem then you should position your knee slightly forward to the knee pad. And you should put the pressure on your leg opposite to the calves.

Don’t Use the Injured Leg

To walk with a knee scooter don’t use your injured leg. This is the most important thing after a knee surgery. If you see your knee is getting healed and you can stay on the injured knee. Then just use it to give a rest of your walking knee.

Don’t Press the Brake Lever Hard

Like a bicycle, scooter brakes are also an important part to operate the scooter safely. But most of the elderly people make the mistake of using the brake lever. While we are riding a bike, if we need to do a hard brake we can additionally use our legs to prevent any further accident. Legs play a very important role to keep the balance after a hard brake on a bicycle.

But in a scooter, we have to use only one leg for walking. That’s why it will be dangerous to press the brake lever hard and control the balance after the hard brake. That’s why while walking on a scooter, always try to do smooth braking. For that, be cautious of the object or people in front of you.

Practice Before Use

For elderly people or people who have never tried a bicycle, they might have problems handling the scooter. Those who have never experienced this type of riding should practice before using it. So, let them use it when they can balance on it. Otherwise, they will be injured for the second time.

Knee Scooter or Knee Crutch

It really depends on which is more comfortable to you. If you feel that you can’t handle the knee scooter or you have a balancing problem on the knee scooter. Then you should use a knee crutch. If you want to move fast then you should use a knee scooter. Knee scooters are more expensive than knee crutches. So, you should also consider your budget.

When it comes to safety knee crutches are safer than knee scooters. If you have better balance on you, then you can also use a hand free crutch. But for old people using hands-free knee crutches will be more dangerous.

On a knee scooter, you can even sit if you want. But knee crutches haven’t this facility of taking rest. You can use the different position of your legs on the knee scooter. But on knee crutches, you have to set your knees in one position. And you will not be able to move your knee.

So, for choosing a knee crutch or knee scooter, you should depend on your leg strength and balance. If you want to buy one of these walking assistants for your parents or grandparents. Then I will recommend buying them a knee scooter which will be easier for moving.

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