How to Use Foot Massager Machine

We all know about the benefits of foot massage. Generally, most people take foot massages as a part of relaxation. But foot massage has great healing benefits. So, people also started to like the foot massage to get healed.

A book touch of love has a comprehensive discussion about the benefits of foot massage. The idea of foot massage originated back then 5000 years ago in Thailand, that is known as Thai massage.

how to use foot massager

In Thailand, people normally get a foot massage from the masseuse, which is the traditional way of taking foot massage. But for the people who cannot go to the masseuse or massage therapist, they can easily get the foot massage using an electric foot massager.

Each foot massager machine has a different system of getting the massage. But Most of the electric foot massager machines offer the same system. Here I am going to tell you how to use different foot massager machines.

Using the Common Electric Foot Massagers

The very common type of foot massager machines that we see in the market is electric foot massagers. Normally, these electric foot massagers have the same system to get the massage. But all of them don’t offer the same quality and benefits. So, when you want to buy an electric foot massager, consider choosing the best foot massager machine from the market.

To use an electric foot massager machine, you just need to plug the machine and put your feet on the massager. Most of the electric foot massager machines are designed to keep the feet inside of the machines. But some foot massager machines like MedMassager and Foot Massager are designed to keep your feet on the machine.

The MedMassager has numerous gel pads on it that generally help to get the massage like a foot roller massager. When the massager gets on it creates a vibration and that helps for massaging the feet.

And the Homedics electric foot massager machine has Six rotating heads on it. When someone kept the feet on the heads and plugged the machine, it started rolling in a circular position. In this massager, you can also move your feet easily without putting your feet off. To get the full and comfortable massage you can either choose the heat and no heat option in it.

Using the Water Foot Massagers

Water foot massage is one of the popular foot massaging systems. To get this foot massage you will need a water foot massager machine, water for massage, a comfortable seat, and a towel. Some people also like to add bath salt with water but this is not essential if you don’t want to.

All water foot massages are not the same in shape and speed. But they have enough space to keep their feet.

Generally, a water foot massager machine works by a vibration system. So, the more vibration your foot massager can create the better massage it can serve.

When you want to use a water foot massager, fill the massager with water according to the volume it can contain. Then switch on the massager and keep your feet on the massager. You can also add warm water that will be more beneficial. If your foot massager has a time setting option then you can adjust the time as you want. After taking the massage use the towel to soak the water on your feet. When the massage is complete don’t forget to dry the massager machine.

Using the Roller Foot Massagers

Another type of foot massager that people use as a self-healing method is roller foot massager. People think the invention of these foot rollers was in China. Generally, these types of foot massagers are made of wood and plastic. This foot massager machine doesn’t require electric power to run. All you need is to keep your feet on the roller and roll the massager forward and backward using the pressure of your feet.

These roller foot massagers are light in weight. So, you can carry this massager easily wherever you want.

Some foot roller massages use multiple rollers that are more beneficial to get the massage. Foot rollers do not only give you relaxation. It also helps to get healed from foot aches and soreness.

When you roll your feet on the rollers it helps to circulate your blood properly. You just need to roll the roller for 10 to 15 minutes to get the best result.

Now you can understand how easy it is to use the foot massager machines. If you are so busy and do not have extra time to get the message from a masseuse, you can easily get the foot massage staying at your home and office by these foot massager machines.

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