How to Teach Balance Bike

Now bicycles are the most popular transport for the urban people. While the excessive rise of motorized vehicles makes our daily life miserable by creating air pollution, bicycles are doing exactly the opposite. For city riding or daily commuting, a bicycle is the best choice for those people who are concerned about their health.

To live a healthy life we must take bicycles as a part of our transportation.

 Most of the bicycle riders start riding when they see they can’t manage extra time to do exercises. But after riding for a few months they stopped cycling. Because they are not habituated and encouraged enough for cycling. To break down this problem we have to start with our kids. We can teach our kids to ride bicycles at their early age. If they take cycling as fun they will continue it even when they are grown up.

how to teach balance bike

The best way to teach your kids riding the bicycle is to buy them a balance bike. A balance bike is a type of bicycle that your kids can ride without using the pedal. They can simply keep their feet on the ground and push the feet to go forward. So, here are some tips on how to teach your kids to ride a balanced bike in an easy way.

Get Them the Right Size Balance Bike

To teach your kids riding balance bikes you have to buy them the right size balance bike. All balance bikes are not the same in size. Balance bikes come in 5 sizes; these are 12”,14’’,16’’,18’’ and 20’’. If your kids are 18 to 2 years old then you have to get them a 12” balance bike. If you buy them the larger size from their age then they will not be able to ride the balance bike. The balance bike runs by using the feet. If your child’s feet cannot touch the ground then they will not be able to balance over them.

So to teach your kids riding balance bikes you must choose the right size balance bike.

Teach Them How To Steer Handlebar

The most important part of riding a bicycle is to know how to steer the bike. If we learn the steering system then it is so easy to ride a bicycle without any help from the assistant. So, for teaching our kids riding balance bikes we only need to teach them how to steer the bar. As there is nothing to be worried about falling on the bike, they just need to steer the handlebar in the right direction.

Teach How to Use the Feet

Balance bikes mainly run on feet. So, teaching how to use the feet is so important. Teach them to lift the feet when the balance bike glides. And push the feet on the ground when the bike gets slow.

Assist Them Until They Learn to Balance

All kids are not so talented that they will learn how to balance the bicycle at their first lesson. Some kids forget to use their feet at the right time from falling on the bike even though they know the technique. This is kind of habituation. They will acquire this technique if they practice daily.

To prevent any accidents during their learning period, assist them by holding the saddle. When they start riding, they leave the saddle and when they slow down the bicycle hold the saddle again. If they can’t steer the handlebar straightforwardly or can’t turn the bike by themselves then help them by holding the handlebar.

Some people also support the kids instead of supporting the bike. Because if we support our kids riding the balance bike they can ride it as they want. We just support them to prevent any kind of accident or fall.

Teach Them the Braking System

After they learn to steer and balance, teach them how the braking system works. Normally in balance bike manufacturers use the rear brake only. Your kids can either stop the bike using their feet and the rear brake.

Encourage Them to Be Confident

We do every difficult task when we are confident. When your kids start riding a balance bike they will be so scared. So, encourage them to be confident. Make cycling fun by playing the game. Run before or after your kids to catch them or tell them to catch you. This type of game will help them to ride the balance bike fast.

This is how you can easily teach your kids to ride a balanced bike. When they can steer the balance bike for up to 30 seconds then you can buy them a pedal bicycle. Also, encourage them to use the helmet and necessary safety kits for the accident-free ride.

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