How to Style Tape In Hair Extension

how to style tape in hair extension

Every girl has a fascination with longer, thicker and perfect hair. Girls always concerned about a perfect hair makeover and voluminous style. But you required sufficient length and volume of hair to have e gorgeous and smart hairstyle.

Hair extension can help you to change your outlook by changing the thickness, length, and highlights of your hair. It gives you an amazing natural outlook. You have literally endless hairstyle options if you apply for hair extensions.

You may apply lots of amazing haircuts and colors on your hair and finding yourself as a whole new woman with an excellent outlook. If you are thinking about a new look and want some new hairstyle with tape in hair extension, this article is for you. I will try to describe all relevant queries about tape-in hair extension. 

Why You Need Hair Extension

You may find hair extension helpful because of several reasons:


Hair fall is a very common problem for girls. You may also face a problem with the length of your hair. Many girls say that their hair doesn’t grow in a natural way. They do not even satisfy with their length and pattern of hair. So, you can use hair extension to achieve long shiny hair without hampering the natural hair growing system.

‌Repair Bad Haircut

You may face an awkward situation after a new haircut. It happens commonly that someone applies an awesome haircut but after the cut is done it doesn’t suit her properly. In that case, using a hair extension can cover it up. ‌

Hair Color

Do you think about having a new look by changing your hair color? But you may afraid to permanently apply it on your natural hair. You may also afraid of hair damage. Then hair extension is a perfect solution for this situation. You can apply hair color on hair extension and temporarily experiment on your outlook.


If you are not satisfied with the volume of your hair, use hair extension. It can create a voluminous outlook. ‌

Benefits of Tape in Hair Extension

Longer Lasting

You need to tape extension with some long-lasting adhesives. You need not attach them with clip or sewing in. So, it ensures longer lasting service than other types of extension.

Easy to Maintain

Though you do not need to attach the extensions every time you get ready, it is very time efficient. Tape-in hair extension needed little maintenance but it is as easy as maintaining your natural hair. You just need to brush your hair and extensions quite frequently than before. Otherwise, your hair and hair from the extension may rub together and make serious damage to extensions.

Provide Dreamy Length and Volume

With satisfying length and volume, you can apply any type of style on your hair. 

You Can Wear Them Always  

You do not need to remove extensions while taking a shower or during swimming. This is one of the biggest advantages of tape in hair extension. So using them will not be too time-consuming. 

Tips to Style with Tape in Hair Extension

best tape-in hair extensions

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Now, do you want to look amazing with your tape-in hair extension? Here are some tips:


Backcombing is a useful strategy to get a perfect outlook with voluminous hair. You need to ensure that the outer layer of hair is smooth after finishing backcombing. Otherwise, it will look frizzy.

Avoid Too Much Oily Product

Women like to apply the oily product on their hair to avoid dullness. But too much use of oils or other moisturizers will make your hair greasy. Greasiness is not appropriate for your tape-in hair extension. It may cause slippage of your extension.

Use Heat Protectant

While styling with tape in hair extension, a heat tool is a must. With heat tools, you may ensure that all of your hair remains in the same texture and pattern. But heat tools will cause damage to your hair and extensions. So, use heat protectant materials of any suitable brand.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is used to make your hair clean without using water. But another reason for using it is, dry shampoo will help you to style properly with your hair extension. It will make your hair more flexible. It also adds extra volume. So dry shampoo maybe your friend while you are using tape in hair extension.

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Hairstyle Ideas for Tape Extensions

You can apply all types of dreamy hairstyles by using tape extensions. The most popular are:

Messy Bun

It can be an example of the most versatile hairstyle. You can apply it for the whole day or any evening party.  But before making a messy bun, make sure that your tape extensions have adhered well. Otherwise, it maybe makes some trouble to manage your hairstyle properly. Take attempts to hide the bonds. Learn to section your hair correctly to get an amazing messy bun.


Another perfect hairstyle that may hide your extension. You can make a hand band when you are in a hurry and have to attend a party.

Beach Wave

Amazing hairstyle for wedding, evening party, college party or anywhere else. Just practice more to get the perfect wave. Learn properly about the use of the hot tool and oil products or moisturizers.

Slick Pony

You can create it by yourself by using bobby pins, hair spray and extension brushes.


Hair extensions can be a life-saving solution for girls who have thin hair by born. It can also be a blessing for those who are suffering from hair fall problem. Hair extension can increase the thickness and length of your hair as desired.

Tape in hair extensions is easy to use and remove. The styles are also very easy and flexible with tape extensions. In the above article, I have tried to give you some useful concepts about tape-in hair extension. Hopefully, it may help to use hair extensions comfortably.

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