How to Store Hair Extension Clips

Hair extensions are emerging fashion accessories that are becoming more and more popular as the day goes by. Clip-on hair extensions are the most convenient form of hair extensions. If you think you don’t have the color you want or the length and volume you want, then clip-on hair extensions are the best options for you.  

Hair extension clips are expensive but give you the flawless look you have ever wanted. They are available in all shapes, colors, and sizes, providing a great look without even changing your natural hair. So, if you got hair extensions, you should also know how to store them properly so that they can be in good shape for a long period.

how to store hair extension clips

How to Store Hair Extension Clips

There are many kinds of hair extension clips available. They can be human hair, animal hair, or synthetic hair. No matter what the type is, you got to be very careful with those hair extensions. The objective to create your clip in expansion’s longer lifetime is by storing it appropriately. Putting them away appropriately in between the wears can offer the assistance they hold color, keep them looking new, feeling new, and smelling fresh. Not storing them properly, on the other hand, can make them break down speedier, fade out and have a color fade, it too makes it deliver an unsavory odor, and make the expansions have dry and fragile hair. Before storing, you have to perform some routine care.

Removing the Extensions

Before going to bed, you need to remove those extensions carefully. You might be tired but you have to force yourself to remove these beforehand. Else, you are going to deal with really messy hair the next morning.

Washing the Extensions

After you have removed the extensions carefully, you have to wash them. Make sure to wash your clip in expansions with a cleanser that’s extraordinarily defined to cleanse color-treated hair without damaging it. You can as well use a cleanser that’s enriched in moisture to assist you to bring out the delicate and bouncy highlights of your clip-in expansions. The cleanser also helps in cleansing the clip in hair expansions of product build-up.

Moisturizing and Drying

After washing you have to use a conditioner to intact the delicacy of your extensions. This is an important step because it ensures the essential oil is present in your extensions and they are healthy. After moisturizing, dry the extensions with towels. Then carefully blow dry them.

Brushing the Extensions

The next most important step is to untangle the hair extensions. First, close the clips of the extension. Then you need to comb very carefully to remove all the tangles and knots in your extension. Take your time to gently comb the extensions. There are combs carefully designed for combing the extensions. You can also use wide-toothed combs for gentlest combing action.

 Preparing Storage Box and Choosing the Location

hair extension storage box

Your extensions are ready to be stored. The most popular method is to put the extensions in a box. First, you have a pick up a place where the box won’t be crushed by other heavy containers. Take all the wefts together. Comb them for the last time and then twist them to make a roll. After that, gently put them down in the box. You can use the original box the extensions came in or you can make use of other boxes like shoeboxes.

Hair Extension Carrier

There are carriers specially designed for clip-in hair extension storage. It can be a bit expensive but will surely help you for a long time. After following the aforementioned steps, put the extensions in the carrier. You can also use them while traveling.

Hair Extension Hanger

after washing the extensions

Another efficient way is to use hair extension hangers. There are special hangers made for wefts. There is no limitation for how many extensions can be fit into one hanger, but we recommend you use more than one hanger if there are sets of extensions. If you don’t want to spend extra money on hangers, there is always an option for DIY hangers made from regular hangers. Use scrunchies for extensions if you opt for hangers.


Do Hair Extensions Look Real?

Ans. Of course, they do. But you have to be a bit cautious here. You should take some time to select the perfect hair extension matching your natural hair color.

Can I Color My Extensions?

Ans. Yes, you can. They can be colored or highlighted as per your wish. You can even do it yourself. There are also colored extensions available.

Can the Extensions Fall Out?

Ans. Some of them may come out randomly but that is not frequent. Once you have grown a habit of using it regularly, you can manage them even better.

Will the Extensions Damage My Hair?

Ans. Never. They are used just to increase the volume or length or as highlighters. They will not have any effect on your natural hair.

Do Extensions Need Extra Care?

Ans. Not entirely. The regular hair care routine will be enough for extensions. Wash them after six or eight years and they are good to go.

Do Extensions Need Special Shampoos?

Ans. No. Just use the shampoo that protects hair color. Please make sure to avoid any product build-up.

Can I Heat or Blow Dry My Extensions?

Ans. Yes, you can. If your extension is using human hair, you can apply anything on it. If it is made of synthetic hair, you might consider going easy on the heating. It may damage the fiber in the long run.

Can I Swim or Run with the Extension?

Ans. Yes, you can carry out all the daily activities wearing extensions.

How Long Will Extensions Last?

Ans. If you take proper care and store them carefully, your extensions can last up to six months at the very least.


Hair extensions are easy to use and even easier to store. Clip-on extensions will help you upgrade your day-to-day looks. Celebrities, stylists are choosing hair extensions more than anything at present. Why will you damage your hair with bleaching, coloring, straightening, or curling while you can have hair extensions serving every purpose? Storing the extensions doesn’t even require much effort. You can easily do it in your spare time. 

Just follow the mentioned process to ensure a longer life for your extensions. Even if you tangle the extensions, soak them in warm water with conditioner overnight and then untangle them in the morning with the wide-toothed comb. We wish you have a great journey with your hair extensions.

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