How to Stand on a Longboard – 5 Simple Steps

An important feature of learning how to longboard is your stand. That is, the way you stand on your longboard. Not exclusively to the manner in which you place your feet on your longboard, but in addition, the manner in which you position the remainder of your body when riding, in other words, it’s really, your stance on your longboard.

I have arranged a total guideline and it is helpful for both the beginners and middle of the road level riders. All in all, would you say you are prepared to begin with me? We should search out the known and obscure tips and guidelines on the best way to ride a longboard in this composition.

how to stand on a longboard

Is Longboarding Suitable for Me? 

Longboarding is as comparative as skateboarding. In this sport, players use longboards with large wheels, and even now and again large trucks. All these enable this game to cover speed, free-ride, slide, and slalom. It is really fun, you can join this school of fun if your body licenses you. Regardless of what your age is, in the event that you have the wellness, eagerness to adapt, sufficient opportunity to rehearse and a longboard, at that point truly, you are qualified to ride on a longboard. So how about we begin the readiness on the most proficient method to slide on a longboard. 

Arrangements that You Need to Take 

On the off chance that you need achievement and effectiveness in a particular division, you have to do the vital arrangement. In the accompanying, you will get a point by point dialog on the things you should be mindful before beginning longboarding

Make a Point to Get the Things Behind for Your Safeguard

  • A well-fitted head protector that will secure you at the season of startling fall or mishap. 
  • On the majority of occasions, you need to control the longboard with the assistance of your legs. It is critical to have the skateboarding shoes with a level base. 
  • Elbow cushions; it will ensure your elbow part when you tumble down. 
  • Knee cushions; It is likewise for securing your knee and most suggested for amateurs 
  • Depending on the board you have, it is essential to have slide gloves. 
  • A longboard with the correct style of wheel to stay away from challenges in sliding.

You additionally need to ensure that it is put away safely.

5 Steps to Stand on a Longboard

Step no. 1: Properly Brush the Deck

Longboarding wouldn’t pass up a great opportunity on the deck because this is the greatest piece of the longboard. It is the place you stand on the board. Despite the fact that the greatest, it is likewise regularly dismissed. 

Try not to submit that mistake. You have to tidy it up. Cleaning the deck with water or ordinary cleaning arrangements won’t cut. You will require materials that are fit to the outside of the deck. Rat Vision suggests utilizing a sander cleaner and grasp gum to brush through the deck even to its profound closures. For the brush, you can utilize wire or metal since these are sturdier, however milder to avoid deck harm.

Step no. 2:  Proper Storing

Ride anytime, anyplace might be your own trademark for longboarding. Open air summer ride is constantly fun and much all the more energizing is riding in the rain. What your companions or you probably won’t know is that extraordinary presentation to the sun or potentially rain can debilitate your wooden board. 

Besides cleaning your deck, you have to store your longboards appropriately. It is desirable to spot them inside. You additionally need to ensure that it is put away securely. The board ought not to be set with an overwhelming burden (i.e., boxes, furniture, and so forth.) and off the beaten path to keep you from coincidentally slipping or stumbling over it.

Step no. 3  Regreasing the Direction 

After some time, you’ll feel your orientation stick or hear squeaky sounds from your board up. It means that you have to oil your orientation. This may not be an “issue” that your companions probably won’t know, but it is a significant update in any case. 

There are two reasons why you have to oil the direction. To begin with, it guarantees great wheels-pin. The course is fundamentally the system enabling the sheets to run. In this way, it generally must be in its best shape. Also, lubing limits rusting.

Step no. 4: Check and Do Alterations 

It can mean changing your trucks to the little parts as the stray pieces of the board. 

In the wake of investing energy with your longboard, you’ll eventually find the correct snugness or detachment of the pieces of your board. For example, you should need to slacken your sheets as you figure out how to control it for sharp twists and turns.

The screws and nuts, in any case, should be fixed to guarantee that all parts and joints of the board are kept together.

At last, the changes rely upon your riding solace. You simply need to dependably put wellbeing as a need.

Step no. 5:   Rotating the Wheels

Wheels don’t disperse equally. Some wheels destroy more than the others. On the off chance that you don’t have the financial backing to purchase new ones, one thing you can do is to turn them routinely on various sides (back to end, left to right). I wager your companions have no clue about this. 

What you have to do is place the exhausted wheels as an afterthought that is less utilized and the less diminished wheels on the opposite side. Keep in mind! This tip is just a brief hack. On the off chance that you are not sure that the wheels are salvageable, it’s smarter to simply supplant them with new ones.


Practice the above stands by deliberately thinking about what you’re doing. Sooner or later, you will build up a sense for it as you develop your balance abilities and strengthen your ligaments. After some time, you will discover which varieties of these stands work best for you on your longboard.

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