How to Protect Eyelash Extensions When Sleeping

There are specific points to have in mind when it comes to eyelash extension aftercare and sustenance. One of the difficult things to manage after eyelash extension is to protect eyelash extensions when sleeping.

Eyelash extensions are safe to sleep with. You should sleep on your back if you want your eyelid extensions to last as long as you can. Also, other aftercare options include using a silk pillowcase, wearing 3D eye masks, or even attempting a lash pillow. The way you sleep and your nightly skincare routine might have a significant impact on how long your eyelash extensions last.

In most cases, practical lash extension sustenance includes wearing minimal makeup, combing the lashes every day, not touching them, and thoroughly washing them. However, it’s also important to consider your sleeping postures as a form of aftercare because they make a difference. Some women are confused about “Is it OK to fall asleep during lash extensions or not?” Yes, it’s normal to fall asleep during the monotonous lash extension procedure, and it doesn’t do any harm to your lashes.

With a few simple methods, you can sleep with eyelash extensions without making a massive mess or having your lashes torn off. Don’t worry; here are some suggestions to maintain a decent form of your lash extensions.

how to protect eyelash extensions when sleeping
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How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions?

Whether it is permanent and semi-permanent lashes, there is no ideal situation that is feasible for everyone. It’s not always possible to remove our lashes before falling into bed, and there are various other best ways to sleep with eyelash extensions. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines can allow you to sleep with eyelash extensions without creating a large mess or having your lashes torn off. Here are a few tips:

Change Your Sleeping Position

As a beginner, you should try to sleep in the best position possible on your back. Place your head in the center of your pillow and fluff up the sides to cushion your face. This will prevent the lashes from getting into contact with anything else. The pillow blockade may assist you in sleeping on your back without realizing it. After having the extensions, sleep on your back for the first couple of nights to ensure everything is in place. Sleep with your face off the pillow if you have to sleep on your side for comfort. So to avoid crushing your lashes, sleep on your back.

Sleeping Material

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

For all sleepers, replacing the standard pillowcase with a silk one has several benefits, especially lash extensions. Silk is smooth and accepting, unlike cotton, velvet, or linen textiles. When your eyelashes are smushed up against silk, they are less likely to fold or flatten, and they are more likely to just slip to the side instead of folding or flattening. 

Anti Rolling Pillow

Spending in a form-fitting pillow that will keep you from rolling onto your side is an ideal choice for extension lovers. This type of pillow, composed of memory foam or a wave-shaped design, prevents your neck and head from turning in your sleep. When you tilt your head, your cheek rubs on your lashes, causing them to become damaged over time.

Keep Blanket or Sheet Edges Away

Sleeping time at night, avoid pulling the covers up and over your head. Keep your arm on top of the blanket to restrict it from getting too close to your eyes. This will prevent the cloth from harming your lashes by scraping over them.

Beauty Care And Mask

Sleep With a Silk Eye Mask

Those who are worried about Should I sleep with an eye mask with eyelash extensions? Yes, you can. A sleeping mask is another option if you routinely sleep with your lashes in. These items have grooves around the eye areas to restrict lashes from contacting any material, allowing you to sleep in any posture without fear. Besides, a beauty sleep mask substitutes as a terrific light-blocker for individuals who require a better night’s sleep. So buy a cupped eye mask to protect your lashes while you sleep.

Daily Grooming

Brush your lashes softly with a clean spoolie a couple of times a day. Any wayward lashes will be straightened back into place as a result of this. You can find Spoolies in pharmacies or cosmetic stores.

Avoid Oil-based Product

When you’re using lash extensions, look for alternative oil-free cosmetics and products. Oil-based items should be avoided because they will cause the eyelash adhesive to degrade. Also, oil cleansers remove makeup and dissolve the glue that holds your lashes in place.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

When you wake up, don’t rub your eyes. Your eyelash extensions will loosen and fall out if you rub your eyes a lot. 

Comb Your Lashes

Comb your lashes before going to bed with a spoolie brush. Do it with your top lashes and bottom lashes in an upwards and downwards motion. This will keep your lashes in place while you sleep and prevent them from tangling.

Once a Week Wash Your Lashes 

To keep your lashes clean, wash them at least once a week with the lash cleanser. This usually requires a small cosmetic brush to apply the cleaning solution in circular motions, followed by tapping the eyelashes dry. Your lashes will remain strong and clean as a result of this.

How Do You Get Sleepy Out of Eyelash Extensions?

  1. Remove all eye makeup with an oil-free, glycol-free makeup remover.
  2. Wipe your lid with a cotton tip dipped in remover or away from the lid. Never go towards the extensions.
  3. If you are wearing a heavy foundation, remove it before washing your eyes, using your preferred cleanser but avoid the eye area.
  4. Using cool water, wet your eyes.
  5. Apply a tiny amount of lash shampoo to your palm and lather it up. Apply one at a time to both eyes, gently splash it over them.
  6. Rinse it off and gently pat them dry.
  7. Do this at least twice a week.


However, no method keeps your lash extensions intact over several weeks. We believe the tips above help it remains fixed to and attached for more extended periods. Now you know better “how to protect eyelash extensions when sleeping.The initial step to ensuring that your lash extensions last for weeks is to choose a comfortable sleeping position. 

The prone or back-sleeping position is the best while sleeping on your stomach is the worst. It is critical to developing a good sleeping position and habit that will not harm the longevity of your extensions. Also, taking regular care of them can avoid premature shedding and keep their curl and shape. 

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