How to Prepare for Camping in the Rain

Are you willing to have some magical experience of camping? Some people think that rain will ruin their camping experience and wait for good weather. But no weather should be considered as “bad” for a real camping lover. You should keep in mind that rainy, sunny or cold- all of them are a different type of awesome weather.

So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of rain during camping, some adventurous experiences will add to your life. If you are looking for some tips to prepare yourself for camping in the rain, you are in the right place. In this article, we will provide some awesome tricks to make your camping more colorful.

how to prepare for camping in the rain

Preparation for Camping in the Rain

Find an Appropriate Tent Position

Select a place with little elevation as your campsite. It will not be a pleasant experience to wake up in the morning and find yourself in the midst of 2-3-inch water. So you have to find a place that is quite high from the normal area. Don’t select a place beside a river or lake.

The tent should be set at a slight slope so that rainwater can flow.  You should avoid the place under a tree because raindrops will keep plopping even after rain has stopped. Select a tent bigger than an ordinary one because you may have to stay quite a long time inside the tent to avoid the rain. It would be boring if the inside space of a tent is not sufficient.

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Dig a Ditch Around Your Tent

This can help you to prevent the flow of water near or inside your tent. Making an outlet for the ditch may help to pass water instead of filling up the trench.

Prepare Your Backpack

While packing your backpack, keep it in your mind that you are carrying everything not only for survival in a rainy environment but also for enjoying the trip. You need to carry a waterproof tent. Additional dry bags are also needed for protecting electronics, clothes and other necessary stuff. The other things you have to carry are:

1. Headlamp

Due to gloomy and dark rainy environments, you need to carry a headlamp.

 2. Sleeping Mat

The ground where you set up your camp will obviously be wet and cold during a rainy day. So, a warm and thick sleeping mat is needed to carry. 

3. Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag should be warmer than an ordinary one to protect and insulate yourself from cold rainy weather. 

4. Tarp

Carrying a tarp is a must if there is a chance of heavy rainfall. During heavy rains, the waterproof tent may not be sufficient. The tarp should be installed over your tent for protection. Extra tarp can be taken in case of another purpose like protecting the ground in front of a tent from becoming muddy and slippery. 

5. Warm Clothes

The normal temperature falls down during rains. So, you have to carry some comfortable warm clothes with you. 

6. Rain Jacket and Pant

These are necessary if you want to avoid wet miserable feelings and don’t want to get your clothes soaked. Carrying a quality jacket and pants can ensure you stay dry and feel comfortable even during heavy rain and storm.

Camping in the Rain

Dry Your Tent When Possible

It’s tough to find sunlight during a rainy day. But when there is a break in the rain, don’t miss the chance to dry your tent and wet clothes. Dry your stuff properly before starting camping. 

Don’t use cotton cloths: Cotton fibers are very difficult to dry even when there is no rain. So don’t wear any cotton clothing during camping. Use lightweight dresses that are easy to dry and use. 

Bring Waterproof Shoes

Anyone can feel measurable with wet foot and having water inside your shoes may be the worst feeling ever. So you should bring waterproof shoes with you during camping in the rain. 

Make your own outdoor kitchen: Though it is tough to arrange a fire and start cooking during rain and storm, don’t attempt to cook inside your tent. Bring a large tarp and make a kitchen beside your tent. Cook delicious food and enjoy awesome rainy weather.

Preparation for Campfire

Campfire is the main attraction for a camping lover. But the most difficult and almost impossible task for anyone is to make a campfire during rain. So here is the list of some starter accessories to start a fire on a rainy day:

  • Candles
  • Waterproof Lighter
  • small Timber and firewood.

Start the fire on a dry surface and ensure that the timber doesn’t get wet. Make the fire from the bottom-most part by using your waterproof lighter.

Having Enough Calories

Though temperature decreases during rain, the human body starts to burn more calories to maintain body temperature. So, having food containing sufficient calories is recommended. Fruits containing vitamin C will help you to maintain your energy level. Fish, egg or cheese should be included in the meal to defeat your tiredness and fatigue.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Though it is difficult if it is raining, prepare a small window that blocks rainwater to get into the canvas. Just ensure that there is a way that allows the airflow properly.

Indoor Games

You should carry indoor game elements like monopoly, cards and so on. You may have to stay quite a long time inside the tent if there is heavy rain outside. To make those moments inside the tent enjoyable, indoor games would be a better option. You can also carry storybooks or portable small sound boxes with you.


The most significant ability of a hiker is to realize when to stop. “Safety first” should be the main thing while camping. Check the weather forecast again and again. If there is a chance of a heavy storm or thunderstorm, just cancel your plan. Camping is for enjoyment, not taking it as a challenge.

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