How to Make Extensions Look Real in Short Hair

Hair extensions can enhance your beauty by adding volume and length to your short and thin hair. But the most important thing you should remember while applying them is they must look like your natural hair.

You may use hair extension for your own reason but you don’t want to expose them to all.

Blending hair extensions with your natural hair and make them look natural is pretty much challenging. But if you follow these simple and basic rules for buying and applying them, they’ll definitely look like your original hair.

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Tips to Make Hair Extension Real in Short Hair

Here we’ve highlighted on some simple and easy steps by following them you’ll be able to get a beautiful and natural look with your hair extensions.

1. Get Enough Hair Extension

First of all, make sure that you’ve bought enough to match the thickness of your hair. Which means if you’ve thick hair, you need a lot of hair extension but if you’ve thin hair, you’ll need less hair.

And even if your hair is short, you need more hair extension to make it real by covering up them in many short layers.

2. Choose the Right Type of Hair

For making your hair extension look real, you need to choose the right type of hair. For example, if you have thin hair, traditional clip in extension won’t be the best choice for you. Because they are heavy and weigh down your hair.

If you wear your hair extension on some special occasions, you can choose any seamless thin clip which looks like tape ins. If you have thin hair and want to implant semi- permanent hair extension, invinsi tapes will work great for you.

In short, choosing the right type of extension is the most important step to make your hair extension look like real.

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3. Match the Color

For average hair color, you can choose 2/3 shades lighter or darker from your hair color, it will blend well. But if you have different hair color, you need to match the hair extension color with your original hair color. If the extension color doesn’t match with your hair color, it’ll be a dead giveaway about your hair extension.

And in case, you have a unique hair color which doesn’t match with any hair extension, simply get a light blonde colored extension and then color it according to your hair color. This is the best way to make your hair extension look natural.

4. Use Extensions with Different Length

If you have long or layers in hair, you should buy extensions with two different lengths. A longer one for your long hair and short extensions to blend with your layers. Thus they will look real and blend with your natural layers.

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5. Get High-Quality Human Hair

You must get hair extensions made with high-quality human hair to make it natural. Fake and cheap extensions will look natural until the first wash, but after a wash, they go dull and frizzy and won’t match with your hair.

Buying a high quality human hair extension may cost more but for once. This type of extensions will remain the same and look like the real one even after several washes. But if you buy a fake one, you need to replace that extension after their first wash.

6. Go to a Professional Hair Stylist

Now the most important thing you should do to make your hair extension look real is, go to a professional hair stylist. They will cut and adjust the extension to blend with your natural hair make them look 100% natural.

Besides, as you’re buying an expensive high quality human hair, you won’t want them to ruin by trying them yourself. So the best option is to go to an expert and let them do their best to make your extension natural.


See! Making hair extension natural is so easy. You only need to stick to these basic and must follow steps. And you’ll get a gorgeous, beautiful look after completing.

Let’s have a recap, buy high quality human hair, get the right type, length and color, get enough hair extension and must go to an expert hair stylist. That’s it, you’ll have a 100% natural looking hair extension that enhances your beauty.

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