How to Keep Tent Floor Dry in Rain: 4 Effective Methods

After traveling, we are feeling exhausted because of the hustle. Though camping is also related to travel, it gives a refreshing feel and improves our inner soul. We can easily escape from our hectic life by going camping.

In the early 20th century, camping became popular among the elite classes. After that, it grew in popularity with the time being among all categories of people. Camping has many scientific benefits, like- improving quality of life, developing bonds among the people, etc.

Overall, camping detaches us from the smartphone, tv, etc., and provides time to think of our lives. In this way, you can quickly improve the quality of your life.

how to keep tent floor dry in rain

Why is It Important to Keep Dry?

The weather is the most crucial thing in camping. So when it is raining at camping, the most important thing is to keep dry. But why is keeping dry essential? First, we need to know this.

If you do not use a waterproof tent, you will get wet, and the tent will also be. So you will get sick like this, and the necessary electronic device will also be wet. In this way, camping becomes disastrous.     

Some Methods for Keeping Tent Dry in Rain:

It can be a disaster in the rain. That’s why you need to get ready with your rain gear. Here, you can learn some tips on how to keep tent floor dry in rain.

Importance of Groundsheet:

The groundsheet is the essential thing that is used to protect the bottom of the tent. This ground cloth keeps the tent dry like a barrier. As it sets between the ground and the tent bottom, water flows around your tent but does not flow into your area.

Without a groundsheet, it is pretty impossible to keep the tent and yourself dry. A solid tent and groundsheet are rather suitable for light rain.

You can also use an old tarp instead of a groundsheet. But it would help if you folded the excess tarp underneath the tent. If you fold the spare corner up with the tent, then it turns into a swimming pool.

Choosing Higher Ground:

For setting up the tent, you need to choose the higher ground. If you set your tent on the lower floor, you can not avoid the consequences of soaking water in the tent. That’s why setting up the tent on the higher ground helps to drain away rainwater from the tent.

Using Waterproof Tent:

A waterproof tent is very helpful for the rainy season as well as any time. Generally, you can get a waterproof floor of the tent from the factory. Also, it will be helpful if you get the waterproof outside floor of the tent beside the inside floor.

By waterproofing the tent, water can’t pass inside from the outside quickly. After getting your waterproof tent from the factory, the coat looks glossy. This glossiness can’t feed if you aren’t camping frequently.

You can also waterproof your tent by yourself to follow the procedure. But we need to keep in mind that it is quite harmful to the waterproof quality and durability of the tent to use a drying machine for drying the tent.

Using Waterproof Bag or Rain Gear:

When we go camping, we can use a waterproof bag to keep our belongings dry. Also, we need to carry rain gear with us for the time when no tips work well. Such as you can’t keep the tent floor dry and you want to sleep. What can you do? Don’t worry. Just wear your rain gear and lay down on the floor.  

General Tips:

Mildew is the most common thing for the tent. When mildew attacks a tent, sometimes a tent is unsuitable for usage—mildew prefers a wet area. That’s why it is essential to always pack your tent dry.

When you go camping, suddenly the rain starts. What do you do? Here are some activities you can do at camping in the rain:

  • Fishing near your tent;
  • Swimming;
  • Kayaking;
  • Card or board game;
  • Music;
  • Reading books, etc.


Why Is Camping So Important?

Camping is so important in human life. It helps you both physically and mentally. In camping, you spend time outdoors and can enjoy the sunshine, which provides vitamin D. Also, it is a source of hiking, swimming, or kayaking. That’s why you develop physically.

Also, camping develops mentally, socially, emotionally, and a resetting sense. As you get a lot of time, you can develop yourself mentally and emotionally. It is a process of social bonding with each other.

Final Words

According to the statistics, the most popular camping is beside the sea, as 47% of people choose it. Also, 15% of people choose hills, and 14% prefer lakeside. Therefore, as a popular outdoor activity, you should know everything about camping.

August is the most popular month for camping, like 60% of people go, and 49% prefer July. In this month, rain is a vital issue. That’s why you need to prepare for it and can apply common sense for instant remedy.

The waterproof tent is the main protection for keeping dry. By reading this article, you can know the method of maintaining the tent floor dry in the rain.

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