5 Mistakes Made When Hiding Clip In Hair Extensions – How to Do Properly

how to hide hair extension clips

Are you disappointed with the length, volume and looks of your hair?

Or wish to have a long, thick and gorgeous looking hair?

If you’ve tried many things to get this type of bountiful amazing naturally but failed, there’s nothing to lose hope!

You can still have this by using clip in hair extensions.

You may think, using hair extensions are difficult, time consuming and moreover, it may not look like the natural!

You are wrong!

Choosing the right type of hair extension and applying them properly can give you your desired transformation.

And for this, you only need to avoid a few common missteps.

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes & Install Your Clip In Hair Extension

Yes, we’ve found some common mistakes that can reveal your hair extension. Among them, mentioned five are the most common.

So we decided to inform you about them and the tips which will help you to conceal the extension.

1. Avoid Installing Too Much Hair

Most hair extension comes with too much hair but that doesn’t mean you’ve to use all of them at once! This- ‘use it or lose it’ mindset is the first mistake that leads you to use your clip in hair extension in the wrong way.

Yes, if you want a natural look and hide your hair extension, don’t use all the hairs you get. Because using a lot of extensions will leave a little bit of your hair to cover them.

To avoid this mistake, you follow these experts tips-

  • Before getting the hair extension, decide what do you want- length or volume and place your order.
  • Use the number of extensions that are required for the natural look.
  • To set up the hair extension only use the number of clips that can be concealed.

2. Avoid Using the Wrong Color

The 2nd common mistake is not getting the right color. Pre maid hair extensions are available in two-toned colors or unicolor. So if you buy that type of extension it’ll not match with your hair color.

So what can you do with this problem?

Well, you definitely not compromise with color, even if the difference is barely noticeable!

Always buy the extension that complements your hair color as it will complement with your looks. And if you’re looking for permanent or semi-permanent hair extension, must follow some expert advice.

But if you want to try some experiments with bold color that contrast with your natural hair, clip extensions are the best option to avoid any future regrets. Again, it is better if you get a chance for trial before purchasing.

3. Don’t Start by Adding Wefts Too High

If you start adding hair extension from the crown, it kinda tough to conceal. Because you may have less hair at the top and moreover, hair of this part has a lot of movement, which can easily reveal your hair extension or clips.

For this problem, the best way to installing hair extension is to start by dividing your natural hair by your ear or below the ear. Because hairs of the lower or near neck have less movement than the top part and you’ll have more hair to cover the extension.

In short, always start adding your hair extension from your ear line or below it and go higher.

4. Let the Clips to Hold on Something

If you don’t give the clips to hold on something, the possibility is high it’ll fall quickly.

To give your clips a good grip, you can follow any of these methods-

You can use volumizing shampoo or spray on the roots to give volume to your hair which will give the clip a nice grip.


You can tease your hair roots with a backcombing brush just above the spot you’re going to use the clip so that it won’t slip out.

Many like the second method as it is less expensive and you don’t need to use any chemicals on your hair.

You can give it a try. But don’t go crazy while teasing, just backcomb a little bit area that is needed to have a grip for the clip.

5. Use Your Natural Hair to Camouflage Successfully

After Installing the hair extension, you must want your natural hair and the extension flow together.

Here’s the twist!

Sometimes things don’t work as plan.

But you can also cover your extension from being exposed!

For this, first make a section where you’ve added the extension and clip, there should some of your natural hair falling over the extension. Tease some of from the middle of the strands that separates them. When done, gently run the brush over that part to cover up.

Doing this will help your natural hair to blend well with the extension so that the movement of this part will be limited and cover up your extension.


So here you are!

Now you’ve got the idea about the most common mistakes that can reveal the secret of your thicker mane.

Be careful while choosing the extension and follow the simple tips to hide your hair extension and look natural.

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