How to Get Rid of Upper Back Pain at Home

The ordinary movements of your body can become a matter of challenge to you if you are suffering from back pain. Most of the body weight is supported by the spine and the back muscles. Our everyday movements such as standing, sitting or walking fully depend on the back part of our body.

how to get rid of upper back pain

So, you can’t ignore this problem anyway as it interrupts your daily activity. If you are experiencing such problems and want to get rid of this then this article is for you. We are here to suggest some way that you can apply at home and can go back to a normal painless life.

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About Upper Back Pain

When you feel upper back pain, it creates discomfort at the backside of your chest, upper abdominal area, the back portion of the rib cage and the spine. The human body has a lot of ligaments, nerves, and muscles at the upper back portion and when any of these become disturbed, back pain can occur.

Injury, kidney stones, bone cancer, degeneration of spine are also some strong reasons behind experiencing upper back pain.


​Along with feeling pain in the back portion of the body, a person also experiences some other symptoms like poor posture, weakness, headache, stress, shoulder and neck pain, insomnia, etc.

Ways to Get Rid of Upper Back Pain at Home

1. Apply Ice Packs

​Applying ice packs after an injury is the most useful way to overcome inflammation. You can use an ice pack or you can use a bag of ice or frozen food wrapped with a towel if you don’t find any ice pack instantly.

2. Sing a Heating Pad

​Heat treatment is always recommended for comfort and relaxation. Applying heat at the upper back portion of the body will help to reduce the delivery of pain signals to the brain so that it will provide an overall feeling of comfort. You should be very careful while using a heating pad. The temperature should not be too high to tolerate. If you don’t have any heating pad then you can use a hot water bottle in case of the emergency pain remedy.

3. Stretch

​The regular habit of physical exercise and staying physically active is another beneficial way to reduce upper back pain. Here are some stretch idea that is recommended for you:

  • Toes touching
  • Crunches
  • Hamstring Reaches
  • Wall Sits
  • Press-up backward Expansions etc.

4. Change Footwear

​One of the surprising reasons behind your back pain can be a pair of inappropriate footwear. Yes, back pain can begin from your foot. For example, high heels may create a disturbance in your regular posture and on the other hand, flip flops are too flat and create heel, knee and ankle pain.

This type of footwears is creating extra strain on your backside. So, choose your shoes carefully. Wear shoes that fit properly and make you feel comfortable. You can go to a podiatrist who can help you to choose proper footwear.

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5. Foam Roller

Massaging your backside by applying a rolling piece of foam is a useful and inexpensive way to reduce discomfort due to back pain. The roller should be T shaped and the process of massage is quite simple. You have to place the roller on the floor and lie down on your back portion of the body. Move your body over the foam smoothly by using your feet. Repeat this process several times to ensure that your entire spine is massaged by the roller. 

6. Meditation

This can be said as a tactic of moving your concentration to something that makes you calm. When your mind focuses on pain all day, it will obviously increase the pain. Meditation helps you to control your heartbeat, muscle tension and respiratory system which have a great impact on reducing pain and will make you feel relaxed. 

7. Change the Pattern of Your Regular Activity

​Repetitive motion is one of the major causes of upper back pain. Find out which works resulted in a strain that you have to do on a regular basis. Then change the routine. If the problem is due to repetitive work at the office then let it discuss with your boss. Bring little changes at your workstation ergonomically.

Change your regular posture that increases your back pain. You should consult with professional therapists. Avoid using too soft mattresses and too hard pillows. Fully bed rest is not a fruitful solution to your upper back pain. You need to move your body with proper posture in order to ensure sufficient blood circulation all over the body. 

8. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an effective way and acts as a natural painkiller. It is a process of placing thin needles at different points on your skin and this will change your pain tolerance power. It is recommended to try acupuncture along with other treatments.


Back pain is the most common problem that people face at middle age or any stage of their entire life. If you are also facing sharp pain at the spine or upper back portion of your body and want some simple and natural way to get rid of this curse then this article may be helpful for you.

You should follow these steps at home that have been described here before starting any medical treatment. Hopefully, these practices at home help you to go back to your expected painless life.

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