How Much Does a Bundle of Firewood Weigh?

Even if we purchase firewood in a cord or rick, we only use those in bundles when necessary. For travelers, campers and backpackers, it is important to know the details of firewood. The weight matters a lot for backpackers and campers. 

So, we have tried to explain the most frequently asked questions regarding firewood as well as the details of weight measurement. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have ideas about how to make the best use of firewood, how to maintain and store, how to measure stocks, and so on. 

how much does a bundle of firewood weigh

Basics of Firewood

Let’s shed some light on the basic terms and units of firewood. To have a better understanding of firewood weight, one must clear the concepts of the terminologies of firewood. 


Before calculating the weight, the size of the firewood bundle is important to know. The universal dimension of the firewood bundle is around 13 x 6 inches or 78/pallet. If you measure it in ft, it will be 0.78 cubic ft. ‘bundle’ is the smallest unit for measuring firewood. 


The weight of the firewood bundle varies due to the mix of wood types, how well it is seasoned, and so on. Typically, it weighs from 23 to 27 lbs. Read more: How to Stay Warm in A Survival Situation

Other Units other than ‘Bundle’

Though a bundle is the smallest unit of firewood in the market, people never buy wood for camping based on the bundle measurement. They refer to how much rick, cord, or stack of wood they need. 

A Full Cord is when wood 3 wood stocks are 16 inches long and 3 inches wide. The cord makes 128 cubic ft of firewood.

If the stack measures 3 rows of 16-inch longs and is 8 ft wide, then it is called a Rick. It makes a stack of 64 cubic ft. This is also called a Face Cord. it is actually half of Full Cord. It weighs almost 2000 to 25000 lbs. 


The Cost of firewood varies from time to time and from place to place. During summer, in the suburbs or rural areas, you can get firewood at the cheapest rate. On the other hand, during winter, in local stores the firewood becomes expensive. It’s all a matter of feasibility. However, a Cord of wood can cost anything between 110 to 400 dollars. 


How Many Bundles or Pieces of Firewood are in a Cord?

There are around 650 to 800 pieces of firewood in a Full Cord. On the other hand, a bundle is made of 4 to 5 wood stocks. Calculating the conversion, in a cord, there can be around 140 to 200 bundles. 

What is the Best Way to Season Firewood?

The best method to season firewood is to make sure that they get maximum sun and air. Spread the wood in a row under the hot sun. keep a little gap in between two wood stocks. The sun will evaporate all the moisture and air will pass it off. So, at the end of the day, you will get nice, warm, and crispy wood stocks all prepped up. See also: 6 Ways to Prevent Condensation in a Tent During Winter

How Much Firewood Fits in a Truck?

As the truck is 8 ft long, you can load it with a Full Cord of firewood. In a cord, the length of the stack is 8 inches. So, there should not be a problem to fit a Cord of wood in a truck. 

What Wood You Should Not Burn?

One should not burn poisonous wood, softwood, and rotten or wet wood. This wood material causes a lot of smoke and also gets stuck in the chimney and everything nearby. 

How to Store FireWood?

When properly seasoned, your firewood needs to be stored properly. This is the only way to make sure that you can get to use these stocks in the coming years. 

First of all, make a pavement or shelf above the ground. Keep the stocks on the pavement and cover up the stocks with terp, plastic or alike material. The main motto is to keep the bundles out of the water and from outside and dampness from the ground.  

Final Verdict

If not all, most of your questions regarding firewood bundles should be solved by now. Now you can buy a whole cord of wood and store it perfectly to make those useful for years to come. Some even consider opening a business of firewood. 

In my opinion, if you live in a suburb, or village surrounded by trees, you can get rid of loads of unwanted wood stocks by selling those as firewood. Firewood costs a lot in the cities. So, make those available for potential users at a higher price to keep the business blooming. 

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