How Many Amps Does a Treadmill Use

The treadmill is an exercise device. Day to day it becomes a necessary device in our busy life. It has become an essential part of the gym. People are busy in their life and they can’t go out for a regular walk. Treadmill solves this problem and for this reason, people use it. 

Users have some confusion about the treadmill, especially if they want to know about the amps of the treadmill. In this article, we try to solve this matter. We describe our best on the treadmill. 

how many amps does a treadmill use

How Many Amps Does a Home Treadmill Use

The Amp rate of the circuit is an essential factor for the treadmill user. Most of the treadmills need a 20 amp circuit because most of them are motor-driven and this kind of tool needs up to 20 amps of power.  There’s even more reason to dedicate a 15-amp circuit to the treadmill if you’re using a 15-amp circuit. Due to the lighter gauge wire used in 15 amp circuits, the unit is even more susceptible to power starvation if the outlet/circuit is shared with other devices.

All of the Green Series treadmills require a 20 amp “dedicated circuit,” with a non-looped neutral/ground, for the power supply.  requirement. There shouldn’t be anything else running on the same circuit as the outlet you’re plugging. 

Treadmill Power Requirements

Depending on the brand and model, a treadmill’s power requirements Standard 120-volt, grounded, and dedicated outlet is required for most treadmills used in the home. A surge protector that meets specific standards is recommended by manufacturers. A professional electrician will be needed if your outlet does not meet the treadmill’s power requirements.

Grounded Outlet

Ensure that your treadmill is connected to a grounded electrical outlet. If the treadmill malfunctions, you are protected from being shocked. When an electrical box or outlet is grounded to the earth, it creates a path of least resistance for the electricity to travel down to the ground. The grounding pin is located in a third recess in grounded outlets. If your outlet isn’t grounded, don’t modify the treadmill plug to fit it. Hire a licensed electrician to install a properly grounded electrical outlet in your home or business.


A dedicated circuit can be used in conjunction with your treadmill. No other appliances are plugged into the same circuit, which means that no other GFCI-equipped outlets do not work with treadmills. Your treadmill should not be plugged into an extension cord! As a result of an incorrectly plugged treadmill, there is a risk of injury to you or damage. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your safety and your home safety. 


Can I Plug My Treadmill Into an Extension Cord?

Extension cords should not be used. A grounded extension cord with three prongs, less than six feet in length, and at least as thick as the treadmill power cord should be used.  

Can the Treadmill Run on a 15 Amp Circuit?  

As such, it is even more important that a 15-Amp circuit is solely used for the treadmill. Because a 15-amp circuit has a thinner wire than a 20-amp circuit, it is more susceptible to power starvation if the outlet or circuit is shared with the other electrical devices.

Does the Treadmill Need Its Own Circuit?

To be absolutely certain of avoiding electrical problems, most manufacturers recommend providing a dedicated, 20-AMP circuit for your treadmill whenever possible. A “dedicated” circuit is one that has no other appliances, lamps, or other devices connected to it.

What Size Circuit Do I Need for a Treadmill?

Because treadmills have motors that use up to 20 amps of power, many of them require a 20 amp circuit. In fact, the 20-amp power requirement isn’t due to the need for a grounded connection; the ground is required regardless of the power requirement.

How Much Power Do Treadmills Use?

A treadmill consumes between 600 and 700 watts of energy on average. For the duration of your workout, that’s the equivalent of watching three or four 46-inch LCD televisions or leaving 50 compact fluorescent light bulbs on.


 We try to describe the amps of a treadmill. We also present different electric power-related information in this article. Hope this information will help you a lot to understand the functions of a treadmill.

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