10 Effective Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Camping  is one of the most enjoyable parts of our life. Most of the people in the world spent some time camping for entertainment. I love to travel every year. I attain at least 3 or 4 camping trips. Some time on the sea beach, some time in the dense forest, or some time in a hammock campaign.  But mosquitoes can ruin a campaign. So it is very necessary to know how to keep mosquitoes away while camping. It is a very important matter when you go camping. In this article, I am discussing some effective ways to keep mosquitoes away.  Maxim is shared from my real-life experience and some are collected from experts and the internet. But don’t worry, all are effective. I will try all this method. 

effective ways to keep mosquitoes away while camping

Some Effective Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Mosquitoes are dangerous insect they really harm for camping. It can be a reason for going to the hospital. It really hurts badly our body. So when you going camping keep away from mosquitoes. Do you know how to keep mosquitoes away while camping? Ok, I am going to share this factor now. 

1. Wear Protective Dress

When you are camping it is impossible to stay all-time in a tent. May your tent be safe from mosquitoes but what happens when you are outside?  If you want ways to keep mosquitoes away, protective dress or gear is one of the easy solutions.  You can wear them when you are outside of the tent house.  

Do you know mosquitoes attract dark shade color?  So you can wear a light color dress when you enjoy camping with your gang.  Must wear a long sleeve dress and full pants so that the whole body is covered easily.  It’s better to wear a loose fit dress so that you do not feel hot during camping. You can use a head net so that it covers your face and head area. 

2. Clean Camp Area

A clean Camping area is a good idea that is safe from bugs or mosquitoes. When you go camping, always try to keep your camping area. Because insect infestation is more in unclean and untidy areas. Do not scatter dirt around the campsite. Do not leave food outside. Keep it in the right place after eating. Take frozen food or packaged food with you if needed during the campaign. Wash the dishes after eating and if you take a one-time-use container, keep it in the dustbin. Arrange on the dining table after eating and then put inside the tent. 

3. Camping Gear

Before going camping, choose the right gear for you. Take a good quality tent for the campaign. Also, make sure that there is light and air inside the tent. And at the same time make sure that there is no way for insects and mosquitos to get inside the tent. If you are running a hammock campaign, use a mosquito repellent net for the part that is left open. 

4. Use Perfumed Free Product

Do you know mosquitoes or bugs attract more when you use perfume based products on your skin? Yes, if you want to stay away from mosquitoes and bugs do not use perfume products when you are on camping. Try to use perfumed free skincare products. Like shampoo, shop, body spray, perfume, condition, hair oil, oil, etc. 

ways to keep mosquitoes away while camping
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5. Bug and Mosquito Repellent

It is really an important lesson to know how to keep mosquitoes away while enjoying camping. You can use a good quality bug and mosquito repellent at that time. Different types of repellents from various brands are available in the market. Always try to buy a waterproof repellent when you go camping. So that it does not go away when you get sweaty or wet. 

6. Campfire

Do you know most insects and mosquitoes are scared to see the fire? Because they know that if they go to the fire, they will be burned to death. For this reason, they don’t stay around the fire and smoke. Campfire is an easy solution to keep mosquitoes away while camping.  You can use numerous herbs that prevent you from the mosquito. Use some sage when during campfire it really works.

7. Keep the Tent Door Closed

Mosquitoes usually attack more at night. When you go to the campaign at night you have to sleep inside the tent. Make sure that the door of the tent is not open in any way. Even during the day when you are out of the tent, keep the door well closed. So that mosquitoes or other insects cannot enter inside in any way.

8. Chose a Dry Camp Area

Camp area selection is a very important part when you are planning for camping. It is better to select a dry camp place. Because mosquitoes are born in the water and it stays close to the water. When you set a tent to try to set it in the dry area. 

9. Vinegar

Use vinegar on your camp time. Vinegar is one of the natural products that will keep you away from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes hate the smell of vinegar so they do not around it. Vinegar is also useful for mosquito bite treatment. It is a natural element to keep mosquitoes away at camping time. 

10. Coffee Grounds and Orange

You can keep some coffee and fruit with you during camping. Because bugs and mosquitoes do not like the coffee smell. When you set a campfire to burn some coffee grounds that protect you from insects. Keep some oranges with you. These are not just for eating but for repelling mosquitoes. Rub the peel of orange on your skin and it will protect you from mosquitoes. They can on stay when they find the smell of peel that has organic chemicals. 


All of the ways I’ve been discussing so far have been tested by me when I went on the campaign trail. I hope through this article you know very well how to keep mosquitoes away while camping. Beware of mosquitoes, don’t underestimate it. This little insect can ruin your campaign. So take all measures to stay away from mosquitoes and insects in the campaign. 

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