What is the Difference Between a Manual and Electric Treadmill

For indoor cardio exercises nothing is better than a treadmill. For cardio exercises, we generally prefer the treadmill over any other exercises. Because we can track our exercise on a treadmill which is not possible if we do cardio using other cardio machines. Though another cardio machine like the elliptical bike also has a tracking system, the tracking features are not enough like a treadmill has.

difference between a manual and electric treadmill

The tracking features of a treadmill generally depend on the type of treadmill. If you want more features like exercise tracking health and fitness trekking then you have to choose an Electrical treadmill. But if you want to track your exercise only then you can choose a manual treadmill. So here in this article, I am going to show you the differences between manual treadmill and electric or motorized treadmill.


As I mentioned above, an Electric treadmill has more features than a manual treadmill. So, it is obvious that an electrical treadmill has some extra advantages than a manual treadmill. On an electrical treadmill, you can see your running or walking hours, calories burned, Wi-Fi connectivity, running miles, your heart rate. Apart from having these features you can also set a certain running speed. This will allow you to run or walk at the same pace.

In most of the manual treadmills, you will see that it has only the exercise tracking display. However manual treadmills also have some Features like an incline system that makes the cardio hard. Manual treadmill has also a multipurpose machine added with the treadmill which is not possible to have on a motorized treadmill. You can use this other additional exercise equipment to do other exercises.

Size and flexibility

When it comes to the size of the treadmill obviously the electrical treadmills are larger and heavy than the manual treadmills. Because an electrical treadmill has lots of other machinery like motor, tracking devices. So, these additional parts of the electrical treadmill make the treadmill heavy. But the manual treadmill does not have these machines so it comes in lightweight.

Manual treadmills are flexible while motorized treadmills aren’t. You can use a manual treadmill inside your small home. When you need to do the exercise, fold off the treadmill and when you finish the exercise fold on the treadmill. But an electrical treadmill is not flexible like the manual treadmill so you have to keep an extra space to set up the electrical treadmill.


In a manual treadmill increasing speed depends on you. Because you are controlling your running speed. If you run fast then the treadmill will respond accordingly.  If you slow down then the treadmill It also becomes slow.

But on an electrical treadmill, you will not get this self-controlling facility. To run on the treadmill, you have to set the speed limit and run on it. You have to increase and decrease the running speed using the treadmill’s speeding button.


When it comes to the safety measures manual treadmill is better than the electrical treadmill. In an electrical treadmill if you don’t know how to increase and decrease the speed then you can cause a serious injury.

If you search on YouTube treadmill fails compilation, then you will see most of the fails are caused by the electrical treadmill.  But the falling risk from the manual treadmill is lesser than the electrical treadmill. Because the speed of the treadmill depends on your running speed.


If you buy a manual treadmill then you don’t need to maintain the treadmill often. But for an electric treadmill, you have to maintain it by setting a routine. If you see any problem with a manual treadmill then you can fix it by yourself but to solve any problem of an electric treadmill you will need an expert mechanic who can fix the problem.

Cost of the Treadmill

If you have a light budget then you can choose a manual treadmill which is quite affordable to buy. But if you want to buy a motorized treadmill then you have to spend lots of money on it. For home, gym chooses a manual treadmill. Because, if you buy a motorized treadmill for your home then it will take all the budget for other exercise equipment.

So these are the differences between the electrical treadmill and manual treadmill. Lots of people have a common question about whether a manual treadmill can burn calories like an electrical treadmill. Don’t worry, both treadmills can burn calories in the same way. In manual treadmill calories burning depends on your effort and on the electric treadmill calorie burning. mostly depends on the machine.

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