How to Choose the Right Longboard for Beginners

When you choose the right longboard for Beginners, you have to consider so many things. Longboards come in different sizes, shapes, constructions and features. There are thousands of models and brands in the market. So choosing the longboard for beginners is not an easy task. You have to do a lot of research.

choose the right longboard

Well, I am here to make it easy for you. I will discuss here some factors which will help you to choose the perfect one. If you don’t consider them you will not be able to do the job and you will waste your hard-earned money on a useless product. So, let’s check those factors.

Ability Level

The first thing you have to consider is your ability. Are you a beginner or a pro? Longboard shapes, style and setup, is different for different levels. As you are looking for a longboard for a beginner you have to choose a shape, style and set up that is suitable for the beginner.

Riding Style

There are different styles of riding. So you have to consider which style is best for you. There are cruising styles. If you are just getting into longboarding, this type is best for you.

Another style is “Downhill” Downhill style is bombing hills as fast as you can. This style is not suitable for beginners.

“Freeride” style is for expert riders. Freeride longboarding means riding hills with a fair amount of speed while styling it up with slides and curb hops.

Freestyle riding is suitable both for beginners and experts. This style is about being creative in riding.

So for a beginner longboard, you should choose “Cruising Style” or “FreeStyle.”

Board Shape

There are two general board shapes. One is “Directional, ” and another is “Symmetrical.”

Directional: These boards only go in one direction. Only forward. Cruising and downhill boards are usually designed in directional.

Symmetrical: Symmetrical board shape is designed for freeride and freestyle longboard. This shape is for you if you are doing 180-degree slides.

Deck Style

Deck style plays an important role. It provides the stability of the board. It also tells how easy to foot-break and how easy it is to push on flat ground. A rule of thumb goes by the higher the board is, the higher the center of gravity will be. On the other hand the lower the board is, the less leverage you have to toss quick carves. There are four types of deck style.

  • Top mount;
  • Drop Through;
  • Drop Deck;
  • Double Drop;

Board Length

Board length also maintains the stability. Longer board provides more speed, while a shorter board provides more stability. For beginners, board length should not be too long.


Wheels are of great importance. Wheels provide speed and cornering ability. You have to consider the wheel shape. Different shapes like round or square can be found on wheels. The width of the wheel is the distance from the outer to the inner edge of the wheel. The height of the wheel is the distance between the ground and the board bottom. Height and width both are important factors to consider in terms of the wheel of a longboard.

These factors are the main things to consider when choosing a longboard for beginners. Now, as you have read the article you know everything about choosing a longboard. You are now able to make your choice correctly and you have no longer any risk of failing. Your money will not be a wastage. So, don’t wait anymore, go and purchase your longboard and enjoy riding.

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