Can You Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head

You are here because a question arises in your mind if you already have extensions on, can you dye hair extensions while in your head? The quick answer is yes, but there are a few things to consider before dyeing hair extensions. You may want to dye your extensions for numerous reasons, including changing your colour, covering your roots, brightening your shade, and protecting the grays, among others.

We suggest you receive assistance from a professional stylist who is a hair extension expert instead of trying to do it yourself. An experienced technician can assist you with colouring the extensions and choosing the appropriate colour for your extensions.

In this writing, I’ll provide you with all of the information you’ll need to decide whether or not to colour your hair extensions while in your head. To make the procedure as stress-free as possible, I’ve included some “best suggestions.” Hair extensions are much easier to colour before they are installed. Remember, the processing of hair extensions is faster than natural hair. If you apply dye to your hair in combination with your hair extensions, your hair extensions could work quicker, and you could wind up with an uneven, mixed blend.

can you dye hair extensions while in your head

Tips for Dyeing While Wearing a Hair Extension

When colouring your extensions, you must be highly cautious about the various shades and their impact on your actual hair. It is based on the sort of hair extensions you have. You will concentrate more on the long-term effect on your hair while doing that. There are a few things to have in mind when dying hair extensions on the head. 

Begin With a Lighter Colour

Start with a somewhat lighter colour than the shade you want to obtain while dying the extensions. Starting with a colour that is one level lighter than your intended look is a great idea. After applying the lighter colour, you’ll need to add another colour to achieve the desired colour. This way, you’ll have a good spectacle colour and can easily fine-tune the intensity or tone you want to accomplish. The most common query is can you dye black hair extensions blonde? Yes, you can. To do so, you have to gradually apply and observe the shade with the help of a professional hair extension technician.

Don’t Bleach Hair Extensions

don't bleach hair extensions
Rhyme Multi-color Hair Extensions

The explanation is because the extensions are removed from the head by applying chemicals in hair salons. There is a possibility that factory chemicals will react with lighting agents and cause damage and other problems if you attempt to lighten extensions. You should avoid lightening your hair extensions at any cost.

Apply Semi-permanent or Demi-permanent Colours

The main distinctions between semi and demi hair colour dyes are the long-lasting impact and the harm to the hair. You can use a demi-permanent colour or even a permanent dye if you want a near-permanent result for roots, shadowing, or toning your hair. The dye has numerous advantages, including a good colour coverage without reaching the cuticle ultimately. It spreads quickly and blends in nicely with a long-lasting effect. Because the dye is transparent, it can be used over mixed colours while still allowing you to perceive the depth.

Pay Attention to the Colour of Your Skin

Pay attention to your skin tone when selecting a dye shade. Warmer tones are better for the fairer complexion, whereas ashy dye colours are better for darker skin. The experts will examine your hair and make a recommendation for the best dye colour. If you’re unsure what colour to use for your extensions, consult with a professional stylist. After you’ve dyed your extensions, ensure proper care of them so the colour lasts. Use sulphate-free moisturizing conditioners and shampoos developed for distressed and damaged hair for the most outstanding results.

What Type of Hair Extensions Do You Want to Dye?

what type of hair extensions do you want to dye
Rhyme Multi-color Hair Extensions

The colour of your hair will be determined by the type of hair extensions you have. Always avoid getting dye on the keratin if you’re wearing nano, bond, or micro ring hair extensions. If the keratin attachments are coloured, rings may slip, bonds and Nanos will fall, or totally break down. Below are the hair extension types:

Strips With Tape

If you have tape hair extensions and wonder if you can colour them, the answer is yes! However, it would help if you avoided the tape region because the dye may damage the adjunct. As a result, you’ll need to consider how many shades darker you want to go. It will be much more noticeable if the attachment is more than a shade or two lighter than the hair, especially if your hair is light.

Bonds or Rings

It’s crucial not to get colour on the bonded area of your hair extensions since it will break down the keratin and induce shedding. This is especially true with custom-made hair extensions, as the bonds are less durable for the first four weeks or more following installation. They will fully break down, and your hair extensions will be damaged if you colour them during this time.

Clip-ins, Weft Bundles, and Weave-in Extensions

These hair extensions are probably the easiest to colour but always follow the instructions carefully, like with tapes. Most hair dyers find Remy clip-in hair extensions comfortable to wear, but they are confused and ask, can you dye Remy hair extensions? Yes, you can. When dying hand-tied wefts like Remy, be especially careful not to get colour on the tied area. Hand-tied wefts are far more sensitive than machine wefts, and tinting over the knots will almost possibly injure them. Furthermore, if you colour over the top area of your weave or weft extensions, any glue holding the stitches together may be broken down, resulting in your hair extensions shedding.


Usually, you can dye any extensions if it is made of human hair. To be true, you can do whatever you can to your natural hair with human hair extensions. Also, you can dye your hair extension while it is on your head. For example, as like your human hair can be dyed, cut, heated and chemically processed. Hopefully, this piece of writing will be able to steer you clear of some of the possible queries. Still, aftercare is essential to get the long-lasting shine.

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