Can I Plug My Treadmill Into a Regular Outlet

A well-powered treadmill can function for years, but a simple power supply problem might cost you many cash and stress. More powerful motors demand more current. Because of the volume of electricity they absorb, treadmills are susceptible to dangerous electrical surges.

The treadmill must always be connected to a grounded outlet or surge protector to prevent damage from electric currents. So if you are thinking of plugging your treadmill into a regular outlet, it might not be a good idea. Another option to secure the treadmill’s electric system is to connect it to a dedicated circuit.

Outlets with insufficient power, such as those with less than 110 volts, might cause a treadmill belt to malfunction, especially if you are using elevation. Moreover, treadmills are particularly sensitive to electric fluctuations; they are not designed to work with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) outlets. So, treadmills should have their own circuits, and the extra electrical outlets can connect to other appliances. This article will discuss What kind of outlet is perfect for a treadmill and why it is essential.

can i plug my treadmill into a regular outlet

What Kind of Outlet Is Needed for a Treadmill?

Most of the treadmill brands require a 110-volt to 120-volt circuit. These are the exact same sources which are usually between 117 and 124 volts. A product rated for a 110-, 115-, or 120-volt circuit is generally compatible with a regular 120-volt household outlet. To be entirely sure of preventing electrical difficulties, most manufacturers suggest having a dedicated 20-AMP circuit for your treadmill wherever possible.

 A dedicated circuit has no other appliances connected to it. If a dedicated circuit isn’t available, make sure the circuit has the fewest number of machines and other devices connected to it. A dedicated circuit allows your treadmill to draw all of the electricity it requires to function. The treadmill may be power-starved when a circuit is shared, resulting in poor performance and a shorter lifespan. Also, keep in mind that the length between your circuit breaker panel and your treadmill can affect the circuit’s ability to support your treadmill.

What Kinds of Power Sources or Outlets Should You Avoid?

Regular outlets with insufficient power, such as those with less than 110 volts, can cause a technical glitch in the treadmill belt’s operation. Below are few types of power sources that you should avoid for your and your treadmill’s safety.

Extension Cords

Treadmills consume a lot of energy, especially those with high-powered motors. So it is not advisable to use an extension cord. If an extension cord is required, be sure it is grounded. It also has three prongs, is less than six feet long, and is at least as thick as the treadmill power cord, which is 14 gauge. The worst issue is that if the cable is too little to draw electricity, it can heat the cord, and that heat might store and melt the covering, making problems worse. Overall it’s not safe to plug in any extension cable just into your treadmill.

GFI Outlet

Treadmills do not work with GFCI-protected outlets. Because treadmills are particularly sensitive to current fluctuations, they are not designed to work with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) outlets. Treadmills require a constant circuit flow, and power outages could cause damage to your workout machine. In its user manual, most treadmill brands state that their treadmills are not compatible with GFCI outlets. 

Shared Outlets 

Electricians are often connected to the same circuit through outlets and lighting controls. This is why devices like dimmers limit the voltage of the circuit, which might potentially damage your treadmill. So avoid sharing your outlets with other machines.

Surge Diverters 

Most treadmills are protected from built-in surges. Suppose you connect your surge protection unit to a wall-mounted outlet or one side of your machine. In that case, you do not require to connect the surge protection unit to the energy source directly. However, be careful because anything that is attached to the surge protector can overload the system. They would either halt or limit the voltage that you provide when over a specified threshold. They would restrict the flow of voltage into your treadmill.

Why Should You Use a Grounded Outlet?

The main reason for requiring the usage of grounded outlets is to prevent anyone using the treadmill from being shocked by a short circuit. Grounded sockets feature the third spike, and attempting to disassemble or alter it in any manner is strictly prohibited, as it hinders your health and safety. If you’re not sure if you have a properly grounded socket, you should contact an electrician and have it installed.

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  1. A sturdy grounded and dedicated circuit at 20 amps and 120 volts is our initial best advice that helps you to run on your treadmill for a more extended period. It’s best to use your treadmill near a power outlet that serves as a power source for other household appliances.

2. The second choice is a dedicated circuit, and however, instead of 20 Amps, it is 15 Amps. If you choose 15 amps, the hazards are slightly higher because 15 amps employ a lighter gauge than their higher-powered counterparts.


When considering buying or owning a treadmill, you should consider the location as well as the power requirements. Please keep in mind that a treadmill is an electrical device that requires a sufficient power supply to function effectively. As a result, you won’t be able to plug your treadmill into a regular outlet. As a result, we strongly advise you to use a properly grounded and dedicated 20-Amp, 120-volt circuit.

A good source of power for your cardio workout equipment might make the difference between years of trouble-free use and years of repair. Power struggles don’t always show their accurate colours immediately away, but they will eventually have an impact. You will be a happy user if you choose the ideal location for the treadmill with the appropriate power outlet.

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