7 Best Quality Tapes for Eyelash Extensions of 2022

In eyelash grafting, tapes are often ignored but are an essential element to get the job done perfectly. Often the salons ignore the importance of using high-quality tapes for individual false lash extensions. But it may result in the fallout of real and fake lashes, rashes on sensitive skin, allergy, and infection on the client’s skin and eyes. Which is not expected from a dedicated salon owner and lash artist. 

best tape for eyelash extensions

So, we have listed the best quality tapes you can use while eyelash extension applications. Keep in mind, all these tapes are great quality tapes but the price varies a lot for various reasons. If you purchase a large batch, the more cost-effective the tapes will be. 

On the other hand, there are different varieties of tapes available. So, we didn’t stick to the conventional lint-free fabric tapes. We have tested other varieties as well and only those which meet our standards are placed on this list. Read more: 10 Best Synthetic Hair Extensions

We also considered the accessories included with the tape. Sometimes the tapes include some complimentary items that make eyelash applications way too interesting. The rolls of tapes are all the same width and length, but the accessories come with those that make tape purchasing different from one another. 

According to the use and features, overall the TUPARKA Fabric eyelash tapes are the best choice for eyelash extension. This eyelash extension kit makes your eye attractive its looks like natural lashes. Easily attached with eye shape. 

View the 7 Best Tapes for Eyelash Extensions

1. Ycrwaa 10 Rolls Tape Eyelash Extension

Ycrwaa 10 Rolls Tape Eyelash Extension
  • 10 yards in length, 0.5-inch width;
  • High-quality tapes;
  • Material: polyolefin film;
  • Pack of 10 rolls.

Super quality with easy use– The adhesive used in this tape creates the perfect amount of stickiness. It’s not tough to rip off your natural lashes, not so weak that it needs to be replaced in the middle of the session. Just keep in mind, don’t stick it on the fake lashes. If you really need to, then reduce the stickiness by placing the tape strip on the back of your hand. When the stickiness is reduced to your desired level, then apply on the lid. 

Easy process of use and clean– To use during eyeshadow application, use this tape before doing the base makeup. All the fallouts will be easily cleaned. However, to use on top of foundation, reduce the stickiness as I said earlier. 

Lint-free– This tape is totally lint-free and very good quality to use during lash and makeup application. 
Huge amount– This pack includes 10 rolls; you can also order 12 rolls packs for a more cost-effective purchase.

2. TUPARKA Fabric Eyelash Tapes for Eyelash Extension

TUPARKA Fabric Eyelash Tapes for Eyelash Extension
  • 0.47 cm width, 9-meter length;
  • Versatile use;
  • Pack of 8 rolls.

High quality- The width is slightly narrower than our first pick, but it is equally good quality tape. Big amount- The amount you are paying for these 8 rolls is slightly higher than other competitors, but the comfort you get from it is unmatched. 

Easy to set- It is easy to tear off from the roll, easy to apply on the skin and eyelashes, and does not hurt while peeling off from the skin. You need not use mascara or makeup because you have this beautiful eyelash.

Affordable price- So, the price is totally reasonable. Get this tape and never get complaints from the clients you deal with every day. Whether used for makeup, eyelash extension, or any other purpose, this tape is awesome!  

3. UPINS 24 Rolls White Eyelash Tapes

UPINS 24 Rolls White Eyelash Tapes
  • 24 rolls of tape;
  • Non-woven fabric tape;
  • Cost-effective.

Included amount- Your salon must be always buzzing with customers? Do you need to deal with clients who enter the salon for facial treatment, to do their eyebrows, have eyelash extensions, do a makeover and the list is endless? Then why purchase tapes of 5 or 6 rolls? You should purchase dozens! This pack has a total of 24 rolls of fabric tapes that you can use for endless reasons. 

Size- Each tape roll is approx 9 m/ 10 yard in total length and 1.25 cm/ 0.5 inch wide width, 4 cm/ 1.57 inches in diameter, proper size for your easy carrying.

Safe Material- The adhesive is generous, the fabric is also non-woven, so these are safe to use during lash grafting. Just don’t forget to test and adjust the adhesive of the tape before applying it to the client’s skin or lashes. This way you will always be safe no matter which tape you are using. It creates a beautiful eyeline.

4. G2PLUS PE Micropore Surgical Paper Tape for Eyelash

G2PLUS Micropore Surgical Paper Tape for Eyelash
  • Includes jade stone glue pallet/ adhesive holder;
  • Surgical Paper Tape;
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable.

Micropore tape– Maybe you have never heard of micropore tape. These are the tapes that have tiny holes in them. These are surgical tapes and the perforation makes them more breathable than other tapes. The micropores also make the tape easier to tear off when needed. The fabric is stretchy and it makes it easier to put on every eye shape. 

The crystal stone– Now, let’s talk about the glue holder jade stone. The tape is gentle and will not harm sensitive skin. It eliminates the need for buying glue holder plastic rings. 

Clen and use– Easy to clean and lengthens the drying time of the glue. In every way, the jade glue holder is a better choice.

Various use– This eyelash tape is suitable for various uses like professional cosmetic school, beauty shop, and home use.

5. UPINS White Fabric Lash Tapes for Eyelash Extension

UPINS White Fabric Lash Tapes for Eyelash Extension
  • Proper size for your easy carrying;
  • Size: Each roll is approx 9 m/ 10 yards in total length;
  • 1.25 cm/ 0.5 inch in width;
  • 4 cm/ 1.57 inches in diameter;
  • Pack of 24 rolls of tapes.

Good quality and professional eyelash kit– If you have a weakness over the brand name and don’t hesitate to spend a fortune over those, then you should invest in these tapes to use during lash grafting. These are pro-quality eyelash tapes and are highly expensive. 

Material: Made of nonwoven fabric, can breathe, gives you comfortable feeling, the tape is soft and will not damage the skin.

Food for sensitive skin– For highly demanding clients of clients with sensitive eyes and skin, using Yukiban tape is like playing the game on the safe side. For lash technicians, who never compromise their quality or their price, these rolls are just the right tapes to use in the salon.

6. G2PLUS PE Micropore Medical Tape Roll for Individual Eyelash Extensions

G2PLUS PE Micropore Medical Tape Roll for Individual Eyelash Extensions
  • Measurement of each roll: 1/2″ x 10 Yards;
  • Includes silicone false lash holder pad; 
  • Made of PE material, micropore, breathable, and comfortable;
  • PE micropore medical tape.

PE materials– First of all, these tapes are made of PE material. It is plastic that makes the tape transparent and see-through. Micropores make the tape breathable. You can see what’s underneath. Some really prefer this item, but some are comfortable with fabric tapes. 

I have developed my list of best eyelash extension tapes for a wide range of users, that is why I decided to keep this uniqueness. 

Use advice– The adhesive used under the tape is weaker than fabric tapes. The good thing is, you don’t need to reduce the stickiness by applying on your own skin several times, it saves downtime in return. 

The bad thing is, it takes time to get used to this tape for first-timers. It may feel slippery and may get dirty sooner if not correctly applied.

7. 3m Micropore Surgical Tape with Dispensers

3m Micropore Surgical Tape with Dispensers
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic;
  • Medical Micropore Tape with dispensers;
  • Pack of 3.

Easy to use- These are literally medical tapes. I decided to enlist this for its ease of use. All three rolls of micropore tapes include dispensers with those. Not to mention how the dispensers make using the tapes easy and neat. 

Suitable- For a busy salon, all these rolls of tapes can be placed in different sections for better performance. The tapes are latex-free and hypoallergenic. Meaning, you can use these on any clients you want! 

Safe for all skin- Even if the skin is damp or irritated or broken, these tapes are safe. Usually, lash tapes are not permitted to use on problematic skin. These medical tapes are safe to buy in those critical situations. 


False eyelashes play a wonderful role to make an attractive eye look. TUPARKA Fabric eyelash tapes are the best kit for all users. It’s affordable and of good quality. TailaiMei 12 Rolls eyelash tapes is also a good option and trendy professional kit. 3m Micropore surgical tape is good for all types of skin even sensitive skin. 

Now you know the best lashes to use in your salon or at home. You can use different varieties for different purposes. For example, the strong ones for makeup and the gentle ones for lash extension application, and so on. You can also order a big batch and adjust the adhesive during applications. The choice is all yours. But don’t end up purchasing nameless tapes for semi-permanent false eyelash extensions. Just a poor-quality tape can ruin your performance on the client’s lash grafting.

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